Sunday, April 18, 2010

Disney Movies

I've always been a fan of Disney movies. I had a collection of them on VHS (yes I know!) which I'm slowly replacing with DVDs.

When I was in University, I was able to actually go to the cinema and watch them on the big screen. This was all thanks to my mate's little girl, Natasha. Natasha and I would go to Pizza Hut for lunch. She would often limit me in how many slices of pizza I was allowed. Then we'd go see a Disney movie. We'd stuff ourselves with popcorn, soda and, of course, Junior Mints. And after a great movie, I'd return her to her mother, where Natasha often complained on a belly ache. (I wonder why?)

Scott and I left Canada, and Natasha grew up (I just read on Facebook that she's finished her BA). Who can I take to see Disney movies now?

Over Christmas, Scott attempted to take Ethan to see Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Ethan wouldn't go for it. When we came back home, Ethan would often see previews on the Disney Channel and tell us, "Remember you want me to see that? I don't want to go. I'm scared." Great! Now how am I going to see the movie?

The movie has come out here, and we've asked Ethan if he wants to go. "No!" Today we had to go to Mlimani and saw a huge poster for the movie. We made another attempt. Ethan said he was scared, but was willing to go if we would hold his hand. So we went! Yeah!

Ethan loved the movie! Which means I have someone to go to Disney movies with! Yipee!!!!!