Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chocolate Cashew Butter

It's a rainy Sunday.
Ethan and I have read,
played a couple of board games,
and I even gave him some screen time.

But he's getting bored.

I'm working all of next week,
so thought I should start thinking of
my lunches.

I'm trying to eat healthier
but still have a sweet tooth. 

Ethan and I scrounged in the cupboards
and decided to make some
Chocolate Cashew Butter.

Our ingredients

Ethan hard at work

Ethan was asking what other butters we could make.
I told him whatever he wants.
And the best part,
is there's no sugar added.

Our chocolate even came from
who take great care in making their chocolate.

Now to get some apple slices to eat with our

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan

I really enjoyed the Percy Jackson series
and really didn't plan to read
The Heroes of Olympus.
But Ethan got interested in it
and started asking me questions,
so I felt obliged to read it too.
And while it doesn't capture me as much as
Percy Jackson did,
I'm still really enjoying this series.

introduced us to Jason, Leo and Piper,
The Son of Neptune
is the return of Percy 
and introduces us to 
Hazel and Frank.

Percy finds his way to Camp Jupiter,
with no memory of his past life,
and immediately becomes friends with Hazel and Frank.
Each harbours a secret.
Together they are thrown into a quest,
this one taking them to Alaska.

What was great in this book,
was getting to know Hazel and Frank.
They are two misfits,
who doubt themselves
and are ashamed of their past.
They reminded me a little
of Percy himself.

The beginning of the book started slow.
I found Hazel hard to like.
Even when she revealed her "secret"
it took a while to like her.
Frank is awesome.
Even when he thought he was a clumsy nobody.

Ethan hasn't asked to read the next book yet,
but think I will.
Am loving the Greek/Roman parallels.