Friday, April 17, 2009


Ethan has made some wonderful friends here. We don't even call them a group. They're a gang! The four of them go to school together, and hang out during the week. Even their teachers call them the "gang".

Over Easter, us mums we trying to figure out what to do for the whole week with no school. Last summer we formed a mini-camp and everyday the kids did different activities. So we decided to keep up with the camp - Easter Edition.

To keep up with the Easter theme, the kids did all kinds of Easter activites over the week. They painted eggs, made little chicks, baked...... Then on the Thursday, Vanessa threw a little party for the kids. Filled with cookies, and, of course, chocolate! I think we still have some chocolate left.

And if chocolate at Vanessa's wasn't enough, we decided since we were here for Easter this year, we'd do a little something.

Easter Sunday Ethan had a few of his mates over for an Easter Egg Hunt. There was about 10 kids in total, and parents to enjoy an Easter brunch. The kids had a blast searching the garden for little plastic eggs, and they were even more surprised to find little chocolate eggs in the plastic ones!

Scott thinks the egg hunt was too easy. The kids found all the eggs within 15 min, while when he was younger, his mum would hide eggs and months later they would be finding some they'd missed. I'd like to point out that they kids are still 2 years old, and they did have the parents assist in the egg hunt!

Once the kids found the eggs, and began devouring the chocolates, they were given yet another surprise when they discovered there was a basket of chocolates on the food table. (I don't think they noticed the chicken nuggets in shapes of the Easter Bunny). And, no party would be complete without party bags at the end, filled with, what else but, chocolate!!!!

I seriously think we have enough chocolate to last us till next Easter!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Secret to a Successful Haircut

I have found the secret to getting Ethan's haircut!!!

Ethan hates, and I mean HATES getting his haircut. I tend to let it grow really long before we go for a haircut. Usually Scott threatens to shave Ethan's head, and I know that's my cue to take him. I'm convinced Ethan can feel every single snip. He cries, complains it hurts, flays his arms around. He ends up with an uneven haircut. Oh, and it takes four of us, yes FOUR, to cut his hair. He refuses to sit in the chair, so he sits on Joel's lap. Christina (the nanny) holds his arms down, I shove spoonfuls of ice cream into his mouth and the hairdresser attempts to give it a decent cut.

Then Christmas Eve came along. Scott needed a haircut and we decided to tag along. The whole time Ethan saw his dad get his haircut, he kept telling me that he was not going to get his cut. No problem, it's Christmas Eve, I'm not going to ruin this lady's day, plus I have no Joel or Christina with me. Scott finished his haircut, and I think Ethan noticed he wasn't upset by the process, so informed me that he wanted his cut too. Yeah right! I'm thinking. But sure enough, Ethan climbed onto the chair, and sat quietly while he got his hair cut.

We get back to Dar, and my mate informs me that she's taking her son to get his haircut. Ethan was over there playing, so I suggest that we come along, so Ethan can see that even kids think haircuts are not an ordeal. Same thing. He refuses to get his haircut while watching Georgie get his cut, only to decide at the end, that he wants his cut too!

Yesterday was time for Georgie's haircut. And I have to admit, Ethan's hair was starting to get unruly as well. This time Joel came along. He didn't believe me, when I said it would be easy. As Georgie get his haircut, Ethan announces to everyone that he will not be getting his cut. Yes Georgie looks great, but he will not be getting one! (Joel is silently laughing at me) Then the hairdresser pulled out the magic ingredient. Coloured gel!!!! Georgios wanted blue streaks in his hair. Oh, well that grabbed Ethan's attention. Now he wants his cut. Joel comes over, so Ethan can sit on his lap, but Ethan climbs onto the chair all by himself. There's not a single tear being shed. I'm so pleased, and Joel is rendered speechless. After his hair gets cut, Ethan chooses yellow streaks.

So now I know. The secret to a successful haircut is 1) Georgie and 2) coloured gel!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Zoo

Ok, so it seems really strange to have a zoo here. Even I think so. Especially when it took us over an hour to get there, and if we drove for another hour or two, we'd be at Mikumi, but it killed the morning.

So yes, there's a zoo here. There are maybe 50 animals. Mostly birds. Although the "guide" told us they will get more. Apparently the ministry can give you a license to have animals, but not too sure where they came from, or how they get them in fact.

Ethan enjoyed it. The whole way there, he'd ask us if we were at the zoo yet. We imagined the zoo to have a couple cows and goats and that's it. So, needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised!

Ethan loved the animals. So think it's time we hit a game park again!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Face Painting

Ethan's just been introduced to face painting. He's still unsure if he likes it or not. It seems to be hit and miss with him.

Last month we went to Milimani (mall) and there were some face painters, and Minnie Mouse. Ethan was mesmorised, and terrified of Minnie Mouse. Then he noticed the face painting and decided he wanted to get it done. While he waits in line, he explains how he wants to be... you guessed it... Spiderman. There's a little girl before Ethan who chooses to have her hand painted instead of her face. So I ask Ethan if he wants his hand or face painted. Face he chooses.

Ethan's up next, and in his I'm-scared-but-trying-to-be-brave voice, tells the lady he wants to be Batman! Batman? I thought he wanted to be Spiderman. No, no, no, he's changed his mind and wants to be Batman now. Then just as she's about to start painting his face, Ethan holds out his arm. He wants his hand painted not his face. So we finally decide that Batman on his hand won't look good, so how about a spider on his hand. We all agree, and Ethan loves it.

We finish at the mall, go for pizza and eventually head home. All along the way, Ethan shows everyone his Spider, but I notice he sometimes says Batman, but think nothing of it.

We get home, and Ethan goes to the washroom. Suddenly I hear him cry. I run to see what's happened. Ethan's standing on his stool, looking in the mirror, crying "My Batman face! It's gone!" Guess he forgot he changed his mind and got his hand painted instead!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Call Him Spiderman

A couple weeks ago, Ethan informed me he wanted to be Superman when he grows up. He's been a fan of Spiderman, so when I asked him if he was sure he wanted to be Superman and not Spiderman, Ethan carefully explained to me that Superman can fly!

Friday I couldn't get Ethan to take a bath. So I asked him if he still wanted to be Superman. "Yes" he says. "Well, Superman always listens to his mommy." I tell Ethan. Not sure if I'm telling the truth, he checks with Scott. And of course, Scott backs me up. So Ethan agrees to take his bath.

Now I think I've got a sure fire way to get him to do what I want. So Saturday comes around, and I try it again. This time Ethan calmly tells me that he's changed his mind. He doesn't want to be Superman, he wants to be Spiderman. (I guess Spidey doesn't have to listen to his mommy)

Then his best friend returned from SA and brought him a Spiderman T-shirt. So today Ethan insisted on wearing it (it has long sleeves and it is beyond hot here). He's walking around informing everyone that he's not just wearing a Spiderman T-shirt, but he is Spiderman!