Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Happiness Project - Week 29

We went to Johannesburg 
for the weekend. 
It was part of my birthday present.

we went out for lunch.
Ethan had fun hanging out with his dad.

There was a beach set up outside.
Ethan gave surfing a try.

We spent the rest of the afternoon

was the main event!
We went to the 
Good Food and Wine Show.

Ethan learnt to cook at the Disney stall.

He even got to meet Mickey!

Later on,
Ethan took a mocktail class.

We had a great time as well.
We got tickets to see
Gary Mehigan.
(He's from Masterchef Australia)

I have to say,
Ethan and I both loved
being able to see
Hayden Quinn.

Happiness is a weekend get-away.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Happiness Project - Week 28

The Grade 2s
are currently learning about health.
How the choices we make,
affect our health.
They are learning about making 
healthy choices
when it comes to
sleep, excercise, mental health, hygiene 
and nutrition.
So this past week,
all second graders
learnt how to make
Freezer Bag Ice Cream.
If you want to know how,
take a wonder over to
Ethan's blog,
where he tells you how.

part of the home learning
for Grade 2,
was to make ice cream.
The cool part of our neighbourhood
is 2 of Ethan's mates
are also in the second grade.
So the three boys,
plus one younger brother,
came over to make ice cream.

Happiness is making ie cream.

Friday, September 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

Another fabulous week
has come and gone.
There's not many weeks left
in Zambia.
And then a new adventure
awaits us.

This week's highlights include:

1. Getting my flight to Ghana booked.
This may seem lame,
but I have a long list of things
I need to do before I even
begin to think of the move. 
The conference in Ghana 
is one of them. 
Getting my flight booked
is step one.

2. Ethan lost a tooth.
This is lost tooth number 4.

3. My brother sent me a new picture
of my adorable niece. 
Isn't she the cutest?

4. I got the best purchases at
today's market.

Not just skulls and fangs, but
PINK skulls and fangs!
5. Mary and her cooking!
This week, Mary made us
banana chocolate chip cookies,
ginger chicken

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Writer's Workshop - Fall

6 things you look forward to this Fall

I'm in the Southern hemisphere,
which means it's not really Fall here.
But, this season,
there's a lot to look forward to.

1. We're off to the Food & Wine Show
in Johannesburg next weekend.

2. I'm then off to Ghana in October
for a conference.

3. Upon my return,
we're relocating to Tanzania.

4. I get to see the ocean again!!!

5. I won't be working. 
I'll be a SAHM.
You can find me at the gym
or coffee shop
or at home studying!

6. Halloween!!! Hello???? How
can you not be excited about

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Being Grateful

My amazing mate, Sarah
wrote an inspirational post.
You have to read it.
Head over here

And it got me thinking,
I have been crabby lately. 
I haven't seen the beauty that surrounds me.
I haven't been grateful.

So it's time to stop pouting.
I have a fantastic life.
It's time to count my blessings,
take stock of the wonderful things in my life.

Things to be thankful for

My fabulous husband who got a new job
and will be taking our family on a new

My current school who did not
freak out when I told them
my family would be 

My class parents who have been
super supportive.

My fabulous son.

I am 3 quarters away
from having my 
M.Ed in Reading and Literacy.

I have an amazing opportunity
to go to Ghana for a conference
next month.

We are a small, 
but healthy family of 3.

Mary made the most amazing
Ginger Chicken for dinner.

She also made banana chocolate chip cookies
so the bananas wouldn't go bad.

Friends in Dar have been great
since we told them we're coming back.

I have amazing mates
that I have never met
but are always there for me.

My family is about to start a new,
yet familiar
and I feel truly blessed. 

The Happiness Project - Week 27

Once upon a time,
Ethan and I baked all the time.
Then something happened. 
I wish I knew what it was
or how it happened
but I don't.
Cooking with Ethan
came to an end.

That is...
until this weekend.
Ethan and I decided to bake.
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!!!!

Happiness is baking

Monday, September 9, 2013

Inner Critic

I saw this advert
a week or two ago.
It's South African,
so I'm unsure if there's an American version. 

Is it not utterly relateable?
I can quickly think of a list
of things I despise
about my looks and body.
I'm always trying to improve.

I need to improve?

I joined the
Part of the challenge is to take a picture
of yourself on Day 1
and again on Day 30. 
I deleted both pictures.
I've moved to the 
intermediate level.
the idea is to take a picture of yourself.
I had to delete it immediately.

And as it's the middle of the night,
I am unable to take a picture
but I've decided to take Dove's

I'm going to stop focusing 
on my yucks
and start concentrating on my wows!

Because, I do have some.
I've got lovely eyes,
and even though my husband would prefer I cut my hair
I love how my hair is growing long.
Every once in awhile,
I get a mani/pedi
and I have the cutest nails and toes

And while it took me some time
to think of those,
I was able to come up with something.

Come back and see me in a month,
I'll have more positives,
and possibly even a picture.

Don't let your inner critic control you. 
What beauty do you see in yourself?

The Return

Over two years ago,
Scott, Ethan and I
set off for a new adventure.
Scott was offered a great position
which brought our family to Zambia.
We loved it.
Zambia is beautiful.
Ethan and I love living in Lusaka.
The past year has been a little difficult.
Scott is now based in Kitwe
and we only get to see him on weekends.
But life is great.
We don't have much to complain about.

But all that's about to change.
Scott's been offered a new position.
Our family will head for a new adventure.
Or maybe re-live an old one.

In a few months,
the Nisbets will return to Dar es Salaam.

watch out Tanzania.
Here we come.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Writer's Workshop - Tweet, Tweet

2. Find a tweet you shared last week and elaborate. 

I couldn't choose,
so I'm sharing a few.
You'll notice the lovely hashtag
of #chocolateconfessions.

So what's the deal 
you're asking.

I found a cute book
with chocolate quotes.
So am sharing the love

But also,
I'm feeling a little down lately.
Facebook is filled with 
healthy people.
Don't get me wrong,
I'm all for a clean, 
healthy living,
but recently I've felt like 
I'm either a slob,
or a horrible mother.

Don't drink cows milk.
Don't drink too much water.
What exercises are you doing?
Make sure you don't let your body plateau!
I went for a run? Did you?

don't get me wrong.
This is great,
but lately I feel that's all people want to talk about.
And not only that,
but no one cares what I do.
Cos' it's not good enough
(my thoughts, not their words).

I work full time.
I study at night.
I'm a part-time single mom.
I use to go to bootcamp,
but it was from 4:30-5:30
which made me feel bad for not having dinner with my son.
So instead,
I come home from school
and throw in a Jillian Michaels DVD 
while Ethan is out playing with mates.
I eat fruit and vegetables.
And chocolate.
And I don't want to be judged for my chocolate!

And so....
to make me feel better about myself
I'm sharing the chocolate love.
With a few chocolate confessions!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Happiness Project - Week 26

I celebrated the anniversary 
of my 30th birthday 
this past weekend.

It was a great weekend.

My son bought me flowers.

I had a fantastic dinner
with some incredible mates.
And there was even
a cake!

Then today
a couple of teachers
planned a little luncheon for me.
With cake!

Happiness is chocolate cake
for one's birthday-anniversary!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Future Ex-Husband

One of my mates 
is addicted to the show
The Fixer. 
(I recently learnt it also goes by the name
The Scandal.)

Monday nights there isn't much on TV
so I listened to my mate
and watched it one week.
And the week after that,
and the week after that!

It would appear, 
I'm also hooked.

And one of the reasons I'm hooked
is one
Scott Foley.

And he's all grown up now.

Not exactly the same
as he was as Noel
on Felicity.

The Anti-Bucket List

We all have things on our
Bucket List.
Things we hope to do
before we die.
And if you're like me,
you probably keep adding to it.
That way,
I'm guaranteed to live a long life,
as I have to make sure I get everything done. 

what about the anti-bucket?
You know...
the things you plan to NEVER do.

For example....

Playing with snakes.

Go skydiving.

Wear a flesh coloured bikini.
(yes I went there!)

Read Heart of Darkness
(I tried it 3 times, and never succeeded)

Time travel.

Walk on the moon.
(or moonwalk)

Mud wrestle

Cook Christmas dinner.

Cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Cook any dinner.

Swallow knives.

Eat fire.

not sure what else....
Do you have an