Monday, March 28, 2016

The Wave - Todd Strasser

I don't think I ever read this book in school. I do remember seeing my high school put on a stage production of this. I'm not sure what made me think of it, but thought I'd give it a try.

The Wave is based on a true incident that occurred in a history class in Palo Alto, California in 1969.

Ben Ross is a high school, teacher at Gordon High School. He shows his students a video of Hitler as part of their studies on WWII. His students are mortified. They cannot understand how everyone accepted this view. They question how this could happen. They are convinced, it could never happen again.

So the next day, Ben introduces his students to discipline. And strength. And later action. He creates a symbol (the wave) and even has a salute. Soon, his students are recruiting new members. While they are disciplined and getting through their work, they are starting the threaten those that do not want to be a part of their group. They are excluding others. They have... become what they felt would never happen.

While not the best books ever written, the idea and what occurs is not just something you can see, it's something that is happening. It's something to be concerned about.

Moral of the story; if in your heart it feels wrong, then it is wrong.

Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness - Jamie Blair & Dawn Rae Miller

I had a fabulous weekend. We saw some animals, and I got a lot of reading done. Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness was the perfect book to read. It's funny, thrilling, mysterious. and an easy read for the weekend.

MMSSS begins with Val in jail. She's spent a week here. She's been arrested for the murder of Jackson. But after a week, she is set free. And Jackson's murderer continues to walk free.

Val, Haddie, Reggie, and Livie. Four girls, who seem to have nothing in common. Well other than they were all involved with Jackson. Oh, and they all have secrets they would prefer were kept that way.

But suddenly there's the appearance of The Fifth. She knows their secrets and is happy to share them with everyone. The girls are now thrown together to discover who The Fifth is. They are determined to find Jackson's killer. And to keep their secrets safe.

What can I say, other than I loved this! It's one of those fun books. You laugh with them. Roll your eyes at their utter stupidity. You also wonder who the real killer is; Marucs? (But he gets killed. Spoiler alert) Livie's mom? Haddie's dad? Val's boyfriend (Bet you didn't think of that one!) The Fifth?

Golden Son - Pierce Brown

Ok, I'm still heartbroken over the ending, so I'll be keeping this one short.

Golden Son is part two of the Red Rising series. Darrow is now part of the Golds, the ruling class, but his enemies are out to get him.

Darrow is forced to betray friends, confide in friends, and make friends with the enemy. He is torn between his love for Eo, and his new love for his friends and Mustang.

This book is  heart wrenching. It will tear you in all directions. These are not characters in a book. They are real.

And once I've recovered, I'll pick up the final book and see how it all ends.

Wish me luck.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Birthday Tradition

When Ethan was 8 months old, I ordered a birthday present, online, for Scott. The week before his birthday, it hadn't arrived, and I panicked. Scott's first year as a dad, and no gift? That can't happen! So I bought a kanga (African printed fabric) and had a shirt made for him. There was some fabric left over, so I had one made for Ethan too. On the day of Scott's birthday, I dressed Ethan in his new shirt, and presented Scott with his.

It began with this.

And a tradition was born!

Every year since then, on Scott's birthday, the boys have matching shirts. This year, is the 10th year we've done this, so I thought I'd share the evolution of shirts.








And this year's shirts.....

Happy birthday Scott. Thanks for being an amazing husband, father, human being!!!