Monday, May 31, 2010

Fetes des Mamans

One of the things I love the most about being a preschool teacher, is all the fun crafts I get to do with the children. While I'm utterly excited about teaching Grade 3 next year, part of me is sad not to be with the Kindergartens.

The only thing that I can think of that is better than doing crafts with the wee ones, is receiving something from Ethan. In the last 2 years, while he attended Jenny's school, he came home with some lovely things. Two years ago for Mother's Day I got a lovely heart to hang my earrings on. Last year I got a hand print, which I put in a shadow box along with the seashell frame he made me for Valentine's.

This year Ethan's at Elementary school. Yes, he's still in Preschool, but at a big school. Mother's Day craft, not so much. But really, you can't blame anyone. It's an International School, so when should they celebrate Mother's Day? In March like the Brits? May like the Americans? And making my own Mother's Day craft is sad. As is, I made blueberry muffins, then asked for breakfast in bed, where I got my blueberry muffin.

Friday, Ethan came home from school with a lovely gift, all wrapped up.
Turns out that Mother's Day in France was on Sunday. Being the French School, they found a Mother's Day to celebrate. How very exciting!!!! What could this be?

My son knows me so well! I need another jewelry box, for all those jewels he and his Daddy will buy me!

Merci Ethan. Je t'aime.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What a Great Way to Wake Up

I'm sick! I woke up this morning with a headache, a sore throat and am all stuffy. I did not want to wake up. Ethan got up, all bright-eyed and ready to start the day at 6:15am. It's the weekend Ethan! Sleep in! Scott took care of him, and let me go back to sleep.

An hour later, Ethan decided he had let me sleep in enough. It was time to wake up. So he wanders into my room and let's me know it's morning. "Wake up mommy", he says. I groan. He leans over with a kiss (a normal one, not TV version) and gently tells me "Good morning mommy." Am still not moving. So he crawls into bed, leans over, and gently sings;
     I love you forever
     I like you for always
     As long as I'm living
     My Mommy you'll be

How can I not wake up after that? Thank you Ethan. And thank you Robert Munsch.

Friday, May 28, 2010

What I Learnt

Being a mom means being a student. I learn something new everyday. This is what I learnt yesterday, courtesy of one Ethan James Nisbet.

"Mommy, I'm going to pee standing up."

"Yes dear, you always pee standing up."

"That's because I'm a boy. Boys stand to pee because they are super boys. Girls don't stand because they are not super boys."

Thank you Ethan, I was not aware of that.

Wii Boxing

Ethan has always loved our Wii. He could never really play anything, so we always faked it with him. Scott would have either the Wii Sports, or his Tiger Woods golf, give Ethan the spare control and let Ethan believe he was playing. I'd use the Wii Fit, and Ethan would grab his place mat as his balance board, take the spare control and believe he was playing.

It was so cute. Scott would play baseball and when it was the Wii's turn to pitch, Ethan would believe it was him that was pitching. We occasionally helped him bowl, but the ball would go into the gutter and Ethan would be disappointed.

Am not sure where I was, but one evening Ethan and Scott were home. Scott decided to let Ethan use the Wii. They created a Mii for Ethan and tried many sports. It seems the one Ethan excelled at the most was boxing. (Maybe it's his mommy's influence from seeing her at kickboxing?) Ethan is really good at this. Seriously. He's a higher level than Scott!

Ethan would like to challenge anyone to a boxing match on the Wii! ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Bag

I LOVE bags. Anytime Scott and I go out, I always see a bag I like. Scott prefers to say I've never found a bag I don't like. Not true. There are many I don't like. Every time I see a bag I like, Scott rolls his eyes at me, groans, "You don't need another bag!" I never said I needed a bag. Who said anything about needing one?

My favourite bags would be my Coaches. :) I thank my Massi for this. She's my aunt that always sends a small Coach for me. Or rather, she use to send me a new Coach every year, till she decided she wanted to buy Ethan something instead! But, oohhhh, I love my Coach(es).

While we're on the topic of my favourite things, I'd like to mention how much I love the Goat Races. The Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races is a yearly event. It's a take on the Ascot Horse Races. We all dress up, and watch goats race. All the proceeds from this event goes to various charities in Tanzania. I've always loved the Goat Races, even though our goat has never won.

A few years back, Kerry, Scott's boss was in Dar during the Goat Races. We took her along. She will even tell you how much we had. She tried to come the following year, but was unable to.

This year the races were held on the 22nd May. Scott and I got a goat. I even had plans for Scott, Ethan and I to all dress up. I was going to get a kanga, make a dress for myself, a shirt for Scott and shorts for Ethan. We'd all match. It was a brilliant plan. Until, someone in Scott's office decided there needed to be a manager's meeting in South Africa the weekend of the 22nd. Ummm, Kerry, it's Goat Race time.

Kerry was ever so apologetic. Even offered to buy my forgiveness. I just couldn't think of anything that would make up for the fact that Scott would miss the Goat Races. However, a lovely Coach bag, would help ease the pain.

Thank you Kerry. I feel much better.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday morning

Scott has gone to SA, leaving Ethan and I to fend for ourselves. I don't cook. Yeah, surprise, surprise. Yesterday was the Goat Races, so Ethan's dinner was taken care of. He ate late. and was utterly shattered when we got home, he fell asleep on the sofa while I tried finding him something to eat.

This morning we needed breakfast. Cereal did the trick. But then I thought we could use the few cooking skills I do possess and make some muffins. Ethan loves baking. And it's something I can do. :)

Now we have muffins for dinner (I'll get something healthy for him to eat. Not too worry) AND Ethan has a snack to take to school tomorrow!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The TV Kiss

I love kissing Ethan. And I figure I better do it often, as one of these days he's going to embarrassed and will no longer want to kiss me.      :(   But until that day comes, bring on the kisses.

About a month ago I asked Ethan for a kiss, and planted one on his mouth. "No, not like that Mommy." Great, my kissing is being criticised by a 3 year old! So what am I doing wrong? "You need to kiss like on TV." Like on TV? What does that mean?

Have no fear, Ethan is there to teach me. He tilts his head to the side, and opens his mouth. Wide. I seriously thought he was going to swallow me! Where did he learn that? "It's how they kiss on TV," he tell me. Really? I thought all he watched was Disney and CBeebies. Since when does Mr Maker kiss like that?

It's been raining here all week. And while it's great to have the rain to cool things down, it's makes the days drag on and by Thursday, I was utterly knackered. I came home from work, and was in need of a nap. Ethan had a play date, so I made myself a cup of tea, and settled myself in front of the TV. Grease 2 was on. Oh don't be rolling your eyes at me! It's mindless entertainment, and I have no shame in admitting I like it. So I watched it!

Just before it ended, Ethan came home. Now I know I should have turned it off, but it was almost over, so Ethan joined me, and we chatted. Suddenly Ethan yells, "Look Mommy!!!!! TV kiss!!!! She's doing this." (Ethan grabs my face, tilts his head and opens his mouth.)

Well I guess I now know where he learnt that from. I need to do a better job at censoring what I watch when Ethan's around.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ethan visits the Buzzing Bees

Ethan had his informal assessment at IST on Thursday. He'll be moving there, and joining the EC2 class. To ensure the children are put in classes where they'll be comfortable, all the students are invited to IST for an informal assessment. Three children come at a time, and meet the three teachers. For about an hour they basically play.

Ethan got to school really early, so I had him come visit my class. We were split into groups working on centers, so Ethan found himself a comfortable chair, and some books. After 15 minutes, or 5 books, he was ready to meet his future teachers.

As we walked down the hall, Ethan went from a chatter bug to a clingy 3 year old. He suddenly wasn't sure if he really wanted to do this. Bless Gillian. He knows her, and she's an EC teacher. She went down to his level, told him all about this special room with lots of toys, and off he went. Without even saying bye!

After 45 minutes, I was able to sneak out and spy on Ethan. He was busy colouring and chatting with Sajeda, another EC teacher. Suddenly, she passed him scissors! Scissors!!!! No, not scissors!!!! He can't cut! His fine motor skills aren't the greatest. Oh wait, what's she doing now??? She's writing on her clipboard. NO! Great, my son has just failed Cutting101!

When his hour was up, I went to go get him. He was in great spirits, happy with his morning. He had a picture for me, and was excited to go back and play. He didn't quite get it, that he was now going home. He wasn't ready to go home, and wanted to visit my class again. As it was now break time, and it was raining, so the class was playing indoors, I brought him in again.

If I ever doubted that I have the best Grade 2 class, I no longer have them. The kids were great with Ethan. They built together, played ball, laughed at his jokes, made him feel like a king. The only drawback, was Ethan refused to go home! I had to bribe him with a visit to Marry Brown.

But I am now confident that Ethan will flourish when he moves there next year. Thanks to the wonderful EC team and the students who reminded me, that our school is a wonderful family where Ethan will fit right in.