Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ethan visits the Buzzing Bees

Ethan had his informal assessment at IST on Thursday. He'll be moving there, and joining the EC2 class. To ensure the children are put in classes where they'll be comfortable, all the students are invited to IST for an informal assessment. Three children come at a time, and meet the three teachers. For about an hour they basically play.

Ethan got to school really early, so I had him come visit my class. We were split into groups working on centers, so Ethan found himself a comfortable chair, and some books. After 15 minutes, or 5 books, he was ready to meet his future teachers.

As we walked down the hall, Ethan went from a chatter bug to a clingy 3 year old. He suddenly wasn't sure if he really wanted to do this. Bless Gillian. He knows her, and she's an EC teacher. She went down to his level, told him all about this special room with lots of toys, and off he went. Without even saying bye!

After 45 minutes, I was able to sneak out and spy on Ethan. He was busy colouring and chatting with Sajeda, another EC teacher. Suddenly, she passed him scissors! Scissors!!!! No, not scissors!!!! He can't cut! His fine motor skills aren't the greatest. Oh wait, what's she doing now??? She's writing on her clipboard. NO! Great, my son has just failed Cutting101!

When his hour was up, I went to go get him. He was in great spirits, happy with his morning. He had a picture for me, and was excited to go back and play. He didn't quite get it, that he was now going home. He wasn't ready to go home, and wanted to visit my class again. As it was now break time, and it was raining, so the class was playing indoors, I brought him in again.

If I ever doubted that I have the best Grade 2 class, I no longer have them. The kids were great with Ethan. They built together, played ball, laughed at his jokes, made him feel like a king. The only drawback, was Ethan refused to go home! I had to bribe him with a visit to Marry Brown.

But I am now confident that Ethan will flourish when he moves there next year. Thanks to the wonderful EC team and the students who reminded me, that our school is a wonderful family where Ethan will fit right in.