Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Bag

I LOVE bags. Anytime Scott and I go out, I always see a bag I like. Scott prefers to say I've never found a bag I don't like. Not true. There are many I don't like. Every time I see a bag I like, Scott rolls his eyes at me, groans, "You don't need another bag!" I never said I needed a bag. Who said anything about needing one?

My favourite bags would be my Coaches. :) I thank my Massi for this. She's my aunt that always sends a small Coach for me. Or rather, she use to send me a new Coach every year, till she decided she wanted to buy Ethan something instead! But, oohhhh, I love my Coach(es).

While we're on the topic of my favourite things, I'd like to mention how much I love the Goat Races. The Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races is a yearly event. It's a take on the Ascot Horse Races. We all dress up, and watch goats race. All the proceeds from this event goes to various charities in Tanzania. I've always loved the Goat Races, even though our goat has never won.

A few years back, Kerry, Scott's boss was in Dar during the Goat Races. We took her along. She will even tell you how much we had. She tried to come the following year, but was unable to.

This year the races were held on the 22nd May. Scott and I got a goat. I even had plans for Scott, Ethan and I to all dress up. I was going to get a kanga, make a dress for myself, a shirt for Scott and shorts for Ethan. We'd all match. It was a brilliant plan. Until, someone in Scott's office decided there needed to be a manager's meeting in South Africa the weekend of the 22nd. Ummm, Kerry, it's Goat Race time.

Kerry was ever so apologetic. Even offered to buy my forgiveness. I just couldn't think of anything that would make up for the fact that Scott would miss the Goat Races. However, a lovely Coach bag, would help ease the pain.

Thank you Kerry. I feel much better.


Faiza said...

you don't hear a story like that everyday do you? yeah kerry!