Monday, July 21, 2014

Blood Father - Tessa Dawn

I absoultely love this series.
I cannot recall how I found the first one,
but am so glad I did.
And yet,
I missed the release of this one.
But am sooo glad I found it.
I think,
this may also be my favourite
in the series.

Blood Father
begins with the epilogue from
Kagen Silvasi and his brothers,
Nathaniel, Nachari and Marquis,
learn their father is alive
and being held prisoner
in the land of Mhier,
for the last 480 years.
They decide they must try to go
and save him.

Arielle Nightsong is a human
living in Mhier.
She is a healer
and a part of the rebels.

Arielle has a huge heart,
and cares for the prisoner
The lycan king is cruel
and is determined to make Arielle his.

Being on a different portal,
Kagen does not see the blood moon,
yet when he meets Arielle,
he is drawn to her.

With Arielle's help,
Kagen and his brothers are determined to save
and bring him back home.

I loved Arielle.
She is a strong woman.
She's a fighter. 
She's been through a lot
and Kagen is extremely 
patient and caring.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Book Whisperer - Donalyn Miller

My first year in Zambia,
my teaching partner and I
scoured the server
to find a ton of reading logs.
We went through them all
(they were used by the previous year's teachers)
and found the one we would implement
in our classroom.
By October,
I hated the reading logs.
It felt like I was giving parents homework.
If a student wasn't reading,
I'm sure the parent would tell me.
So what did purpose did the log serve?

I was alone.
The following year,
my teaching partner was an avid
book log teacher.
And since we were a small school,
it was hard for her to do something
and not me.

when I read in The Book Whisperer
how the author also has a distaste
for reading logs,
I knew we were kindred spirits!

The book is more or less
her thought process
on how to create a generation of readers.
She has instilled a love of reading in her students.
They don't read books because the curriculum says they should.
They read books they want to,
they share ideas,
and recommendations.
It's what I would love my students
to feel about reading.

Miller teaches middle school.
Her methods work great in that setting.
As a second grade teacher,
I'm not sure how much of this I could use
but it was truly inspiring.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones

Charley's back!!!!
I honestly think, 
the biggest pull to this series,
is Charley herself.
If she were a real person
(Gasp! you mean she isn't)
I could totally see us hanging out together.

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
begins 2 months after 
Charley has not left her apartment
in these 2 months.
She's addicted to home shopping
and is broke.

And then she gets a new client.
And she's still not speaking to her father
who had her arrested while she was in the hospital.
Who btw, 
then shoots at her,
She has some demons from Hell
after her.
and then there's Reyes.
Say it with me,
don't forget to add the sigh,

You really cannot get enough of 
these two.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Killer Frost - Jennifer Estep

I've been enjoying the
Mythos Academy series
for some time now.
I almost forgot it was a series
that would eventually end.
I was all excited
to continue reading about 
Gwen, Logan and everyone at 
Mythos Academy
that it wasn't until I was about
half way through
that I realised
Killer Frost
was the end.

This is the final battle with the Reapers.
Loki is determined to come back to life
and Gwen knows the only way to stop him
is to kill him.
But how do you kill a God?
What do all of Nike's riddles mean?
Is Gwen strong enough to be Nike's champion?

While I'm sad to see this series end,
I have to admit I enjoyed this one.
It ended on a high note.
It wasn't a series that dragged on
leaving you waiting for the end.

If you like YA
and Greek mythology,
this is a great series for you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Writer's Workshop - Summer

So June 21st,
was the official first day of summer. 
Also known as Summer Solstice.
And this year,
we were in Seattle.

There were many things happening
in Seattle on this day.

There was the Rock and Roll marathon.

I hear the Summer Solstice parade
in Freemont is quite the site,

But our first day of summer,
had an excitement of it's own.

June 21st marked my graduation day!


For the last 2 years,
I have been working full time,
being a mom
and a student.

And it finally paid off.

On Saturday, 
I graduated with my 
Masters of Education
in Reading and Literacy.

It was truly a day
all about me!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Wishing Spell - Chris Colfer

I'm not sure how I found this book.
I think a few summers ago,
Ethan and I were watching TV
and Chris Colfer
(yes the guy from Glee)
was on some show and he mentioned 
he wrote a book.

I decided to buy it.
Then never read it.
Until now.

And I'm wondering why I waited so long.

This is a lovely book.
For anyone who loves fairy tales,
you'll love this.
And if you don't love fairy tales,
after reading this
you'll want to check out some fairy tales.

Connor and Alex are twins.
Before their 11th birthday,
their father dies.
This past year has been rough on them.
They remember the stories he use to tell them.
He loved fairy tales.

Right before their 12th birthday,
their grandmother gives them her book
The Land of Stories.
Suddenly Connor and Alex find themselves
in the book!

To get out, 
and return home,
they learn about the wishing spell.
But in order to get the spell
they need to collect 
a number of magical items.

And so this scavenger hunt begins.

Along the way,
they meet
Snow White,
and Sleeping Beauty.
They learn that Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk) is sad
as he's lost his love.
Goldilocks is a fugitive on the run.
Little Red Riding Hood isn't as sweet
as we thought she was.
Oh, and the evil Queen
from Snow White,
well she's escaped from her prison!

There's no way you cannot love this book!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Phoenix - Dawn Rae Miller

Well... the end has come.
Phoenix is the last in 
The Sensitives trilogy.
I'll admit,
I was nervous.
I have loved the last two books
and was very sad it see it come to an end.
I was terrified I'd be disappointed.
Don't get me wrong,
Dawn Rae Miller 
has never disappointed.
the last few trilogies I've read
have left me feeling disappointed.

This one did not!

Phoenix answers all your questions.
And it does so,
You know someone close to Lark
is responsible for her mother's death
and the attacks on her.
And I had to read it very slowly.
These are characters I love.
What if Beck, Ryker, or Kyra was behind all this?
Could I handle it?
And Annalise,
well, I started not liking her,
but then liked her.
What if she were behind it all?
Could I go back to disliking her?

Not to worry.
The way it's written makes the shock
less hurtful.
You feel betrayed,
but understand it.

And the ending,
it's perfect.

if you're one of those people 
that have yet to read this trilogy
what are you waiting for?
Head over here
and get started!