Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad

I've learned that
regardless of your
relationship with your
you'll miss them
when they're gone
from your life.
                               - Maya Angelou

Today would be my dad's birthday.
Tomorrow marks
6 months since his accident.
And I am still fluctuating
denial and anger.
I haven't really moved beyond that.
And while members of my family
celebrate a wedding this weekend.
I miss my dad.

I miss my dad.
I cry at least 4 times a week.

I'm in denial,
cos I still can't believe he's gone.
We hadn't been very close
in years,
but I am having a hard time understanding
that I can't just call him.
Or see him.
Ever again.

And I'm angry.
Not for him leaving,
but for everyone else
who feels they can tell me
what he would want.

I've been wanting to write 
a beautiful birthday post
for my dad,
but every time I start
I go off on one tangent
or another.

It never comes out right.

But it's his birthday today,
and since I can't wish him a 
happy one,
I'm going to stop being angry for 
five minutes.

My dad taught me to value one's family.
He loved his siblings.
They were the world to them.
My brother and I 
may not have been close growing up
but he's the best baby brother a girl
could ask for.

My dad believed you could do anything
you set your mind to.
He's taught me
the importance of the encouraging word.

My dad loved to travel.
He showed me there was a big wide world,
just outside your door.
You could learn a lot,
just by hopping on a plane to a new destination.
And when you get there,
take advantage of what there is,
no matter how small it may seem.

It hurts that he is gone.
2015 is an amazing year.
He'd be so proud of everything 
that's going on.

I have a cousin
who got into an amazing Masters
When she told me,
I thought
I can't wait till dad hears.

her sister got engaged.
Dad will be so thrilled!

And another cousin is expecting.
Dad has another great niece/nephew to spoil.

Each time good news comes,
I'm angry that dad won't be here
to see these things.
I will soon learn to breathe
and remember
that he sees it all
and that he's smiling at us.

So dad,
for your birthday,
I promise to try
to be angry less.
I will try.
And since that's all you ever asked of me
that I try,
I know you'll be proud.

I've learnt
that people will forget what you've said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget
how you made them feel.
       - Maya Angelou

Happy birthday dad.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Writer's Workshop - Throwback

Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo
from a previous May and write a poem
or a blog post.

May 9th, 2014


Artistic, appealing
and airy. 

Beautiful, blissful
and bursting with flavour.

Crunchy caramel
crisp and creamy.

Decadant, delicate
and delicious.

Elegant, exceptional
and enjoyable.

Flavourful, fulfilling
and fantastic.

Glorious, gourmet
golden goodies.

Heavenly, high calorie,

Inspiring, irresistible
and indulgent. 

Lavish, light
and lip-smacking.

and magical.


Petite, precious
and prized. 

Sweet, sticky,
and smooth.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Shadows - J.R. Ward

Meet Trez and iAm.
The Shadows.
Twin brothers
born into the S'Hsibe tribe.
When their parents sell
Trez to the Queen of the S'Hsibe
he and his brother escape the territory.
And while Trez leads a life
of self-destruction,
iAm lives to protect his brother.

The Shadows focuses,
on these twins.
Trez has fallen in love with
the Chosen Selena,
but tragedy has fallen.
And now he's torn between
his love and his fate.
The romance and love
these two have is beautiful.

While Trez does what he can
to fulfill Selena's wishes,
iAm returns to the territory in hopes of
finding a cure, an answer.
Not having ever thought of himself,
iAm is now torn between
helping his brother
and meeting his destiny.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Daywalker - Tessa Dawn

Being a huge 
Blood Curse
when I saw this short by Tessa Dawn
I knew I had to read it.

Daywalker is a re-release
of a previously published book
under her pseudo-name.
It looks like it's the beginning of a series,
but it's hard to tell from the short.

Lacy Logan decides to start a
paranormal-investigation business.
On her first day,
a strange man walks in,
and basically sucks up her essence.
She learns she has cancer 
and has been given less than a month to live.

Lacy decides to find this dark stranger
and get him to give her
her life back.
And this is where she learns
there are things that live in the dark.
She is thrown into a world
of demons and dragons
and must fight for her life.

Unsure how I feel about this book.
But we shall see what the second one
is like.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Writer's Workshop - Mom Poem

Write a poem for you Mother.

My mom was there
when I learnt to walk,
when I learnt to talk
and when I learnt to yell.

My mom was there
to buy me clothes,
paint my toes
and brush my hair.

My mom was there
to introduce me
to the joys of tea,
soap operas
and Indian movies.

My mom was there
when I was good,
when I was bad
and when I was mad.

My mom taught me
about makeup, 
and how to collect bags and

My mom is wise
and brave.

I never gave her much credit
growing up.
After all,
I was Daddy's Girl.

My mom has a heart of gold
that holds more love
than you will ever know.

So dearest mom,
I just wanted to say
I love you
Happy Mother's Day.

Hitched - Dawn Rae Miller

If someone were to ask me
to name my favorite authors,
Dawn Rae Miller
would top it.
What makes her so great,
is her ability to get you to 
feel her characters.
You love them.
You care about them.
You feel like they are your friends.

A few years back,
I read Crushed.
I fell in love with Fletch.
The way the story was written,
it came to an end.
I never thought they'd be more.

But there was.

picks up 5 years later.
Ellie and Fletch have broken up.
They meet again after 2 years
to attend their friend's wedding.
Still hurt,
Ellie isn't sure she can handle the weekend.

This is a lovely story.
While they are not many surprises,
what captures you are the characters.
From chapter 2,
I could not put the book down,
as I hurt.
Ellie hurt,
and I hurt.
I needed to know she would get better.
I needed to read on.
When Ellie was happy,
I was happy.

It's an easy read.
With the summer coming,
if you need a good beach book,
this one's for you.

Creating Cultures of Thinking - Ron Ritchhart

I'm a huge 
Cultures of Thinking fan.
I try to incorporate thinking routines
into my lessons.
I've started looking at ways to make
thinking visible.
I've started focusing more on
the thinking
and less on 
the knowledge.

came out with a new book,
you know I had to read it.

Creating Cultures of Thinking
breaks down the 8 forces
teachers and schools need to look at
to ensure they are in fact
creating these cultures.

The eight forces that share culture are:
1) Expectations - what you expect for students not of them
2) Language - name the thinking that goes on
3) Time - do you give students time to think?
4) Modeling - teachers should model thinking
5) Opportunities - create learning opportunities that are inviting
6) Routines - besides daily transition routines, thinking routines are also important
7) Interactions - shape meaningful collaboration and learning
8) Environment - that shows you value learning

Reading this book
has made me reflect on my own practices.
Do I emphasis learning and thinking
as much as I could/should?
It has also made me 
look at the different classrooms I teach it.
I look at their use of space
and what it shows that they value.
It makes me think about my own classroom
(when I have one)
and what I want my students
to know I value.

If you want a book to make you think
about your own teaching practices,
in a good way,
this is the one for you.