Monday, September 15, 2014

Chocolate Fruit Leathers

Ethan has been loving the fruit leathers
I have been making.
He has been bugging me
for a few weeks now
to make chocolate ones.
I decided,
if he wanted them,
he could make them.
So he did!

Ethan chops the bananas

Blends them with cocoa
We have to add here, 
we used pure cocoa powder from
I LOVE their chocolate.
The cocoa is awesome
as there is no added sugar.

Ethan helped me spread the mixture out
onto trays
and off in the dehydrator they went.

Yes he loves them!

Friday, September 12, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been another lovely week,
filled with love, friends,
and wine.

Highlights include

Wine and yoga pants

There was a cute picture on Facebook
about yoga helping with de-stressing.
It went on to joke,
that the best way is to have a glass of wine
while wearing yoga pants.
I've got to add,
that wine and yoga pants
are a great way to relax
on a Sunday evening!


In Zambia,
Ethan use to buy me flowers every week.
It was great.
Our dining table
always had a vase of
fresh flowers.
This week,
a friend of mine gave me a bouquet.
I have flowers again!!!!

Almond Butter

I made almond butter.
Yes, me!!!
Ok, granted,
it's not that difficult.
It just takes a lot of patience,
and well,
since I tend to lack in that department,
I'm pretty chuffed!!

Sports Day

Ethan had his first Sports Day
of the school year.
The third graders
are placed in Houses.
Ethan's a Mamba.
Today's events were track and field.
Not working,
meant I got to spend the whole morning
cheering him on!


I have a fantastic trainer.
She comes 3 times a week
and makes me sweat
and feel pain.
Lately she's been on a burped kick.
since I've gotten better at them,
I don't seem to mind so much.

The Taking - Kimberly Derting

The idea behind this story
has potential
to be great.

Kyra and her dad
are driving home from her softball game.
They're talking about college
and they disagree.
Kyra gets out of the car,
to protest.
Suddenly she sees a white light
and hear her dad scream.

She wakes up behind a dumpster
still wearing the clothes from the day before.
She heads home,
but it's not her home.
It would seem,
she's been gone for 5 years.

A lot happened in 5 years.
Her father,
who saw the light,
is believed to be crazy.
Her parents divorced
and her mum not only remarried,
but also has a new child.
Her best friend is now dating her boyfriend.
And her boyfriend's 12 year old brother,
is now 17 and gorgeous.

But here's the thing,
Kyra doesn't seem to interested
in learning what happened to her.
Whether she remembers the light 
or not,
she doesn't support her father.
She's upset over,
rightly so,
about "the husband" and "brother"
but never really deals with it.
And when things do start getting interesting,
it ends.
you'll probably learn more in the next book,
but do you really want to wait?
And do you really care?

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Truth About Lord Stoneville - Sabrina Jeffries

For a few years now,
my dear friend,
has been raving about
Sabrina Jefferies.

I asked Sarah to recommend a book.
It was high time
I discovered first hand
what the fuss was all about.

This is a historical romance.
A period piece.
A lovely read.

Oliver Sharpe
and his siblings
live a life with no rules,
or morals
and Grand Hetty will take it no longer.
She has given all her grandchildren
an ultimatum.
Marry within a year,
or be disinherited.

Oliver will not be told what to do.
So he sets off to the brothel
to hire a woman to pretend to be his 
This will surely shut Grandmother up.

But then he meets
Maria Butterfield.
A young American
who made the journey to England
to find her missing fiancee.

Oliver strikes a deal,
she pretends to be her fiancee
and in return,
he'll help her find her beloved.
But things don't always go as planned.

Thank you Sarah,
for introducing me to a great read.

Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been another fabulous week.
I'm finally settled back home
after our extended summer vacation
and Ethan is happy at school.

This week's highlights include:

Dinner with great friends
at Salt.

Peter and Nina will be leaving Dar soon.
It's sad when friends leave.
But being able to enjoy an
awesome meal at Salt
(Katy's new restaurant)
makes saying goodbye 


Need I say more?

Birthday dinner with my boys

This year,
instead of a big birthday dinner
I spent the evening with my two favourite boys.
We had dinner at Osaka
and came home to cake.
It was perfect.

Watching Ethan at his first skateboard

I was a nervous wreck.
Terrified he'd fall and spend
the rest of the year
in a body cast.
I love how his mate,
an advanced skateboarder,
helped him
and was so patient.
And he didn't break any bones.

Ladies night

We tried a new Iranian place.
The owner brought out
a sampler for us to,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Writer's Workshop - Before & After

Show us a before and after

For the last couple of years,
I've been growing my hair.
For over 10 years,
my hair has been shoulder length,
or shorter.

I loved my long hair.
There's so much you can do.
Keep it down,
put it up,
straighten it,
curl it,
so many choices!

My husband,
on the other hand,
likes it short.
When we met it was super short.
He's been bugging me to cut it.
I kept refusing.

this summer,
I bought 7 pairs of shoes.
And to make up
for the credit card bill,
I went and cut my hair.

It's taken some getting use to
and it will grow back,

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

I am probably one of the few people
who did not like
So when I saw
Dark Places
in the bookstore this summer,
I kept on walking.
I stopped and picked it up.
I read the back over.
And then, 
I bought it!
And I don't regret it!

When Libby Day was 7 years old,
her mother and two sisters were murdered.
She testified against her 15 year old brother,
and he was sentenced to jail.

25 years later,
Libby is approached by a group called
The Kill Club.
They believe that Ben is innocent
and want her to help prove it.

Unlike many mysteries,
where half way through I
think I know who did it,
here I really wasn't sure.
The story jumps from the day of the murders
to present day.
Flynn gives you glimpses 
into what was going on
on the day of the murder
with everyone in the family,
and allows you to make your own conclusions.