Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Days: 91-100

I did it!!!
100 days of happiness!
This has been so much fun!

Day 91 - Good drinks, food, dessert and friends!

Day 92 - Happy 1st birthday dearest Hailey

Day 93 - Am loving my dehydrator

Day 94 - It's here!

Day 95 - Scott made it home in time
for us to have a family dinner

Day 96 - Ethan and his mates dancing

Day 97 - I was craving ice cream
Scott brought home 5 liters!

Day 98 - Green juice for everyone

Day 99 - A boy and his dog

Day 100 - Coffee with a mate
Thank you for hanging out with me
over these last 100 days.
I truly see happiness everyday.
Even those bad days.
I think I may just have to continue
looking for the joys each day
and if you'd like to follow
check out my instagram.

Can you be happy for 100 days?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cress - Marissa Meyer

Cress is Book 3 in 
The Lunar Chronicles.
I do kinda wished it was a trilogy.

It all began with Cinder
Which I loved.
I'm a huge Cinderella person
and loved the twist.

The second book,
annoyed me.

This one was hard to get started with.
It had a slow start.

In Cress we meet Cress.
She's a Lunar.
A shell.
And for years she's been held prisoner 
in a little space craft.
(Can you tell by the cover she's Rapunzel?)

Cress gets in contact with Cinder
and asks to be saved.
(She's in love with Thorne and is convinced this hero
will save her - after all she is a damsel in distress.)
But the plan goes wrong,
and Cress and Thorne find themselves
trying to find their way back.
Thorne is also injured
and blinded.
Scarlet is taken to Lunar.
Cinder and Wolf continue with their plan
to bring down Queen Levena.

Once you get half way into the storyline
it's easy and enjoyable.
But the beginning drags.
Nothing interesting really happens.

I do love the twist on traditional fairytale characters.
And I love how Cinder is the one to save the prince.
But really...
Book 4 needs to be exciting
from beginning to end
and it needs to end.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Days: 81-90

Can you believe I have only 10 days left
in this challenge?
It's fantastic.
I feel happy,
even on my sad days.

Day 81 - Sometimes you need a little junk

Day 82 - A quiet evening

Day 83 - Dessert anyone?

Day 84 - Ethan as Pop Becker

Day 85 - Happy Mother's Day
Day 86 - Jelly Beans.
What's your favourite flavour?

Day 87 - Homemade fruit leathers

Day 88 - A mid-afternoon snack

Day 89 - Juicing with mates

Day 90 - Sixteen fantastic years with an amazing man.

What makes you happy?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher's Appreciation Week

It's Teacher's Appreciation Week.
as a mum,
I think every week should be 
Teacher's Appreciation Week.
If I think about the hours in the day
that Ethan is awake,
he spends most of this time
with his teacher.
So not only is she his teacher,
she's an influence
and role model to him.

There have been tons of comments
on Facebook
regarding teachers
and the Common Core.
I don't know a whole lot about the Common Core
nor do I think this has anything to do with the 
actual teachers.

There are tons of comments on Facebook
of parents posting something 
their child's teacher wrote
and furious
WWYD questions.

What would you do?
Talk to the teacher!
Why does that seem so difficult?

Yes I know,
sometimes we get upset with teachers
and sometimes we feel 
our child is being picked on
or treated unfairly,
but do you honestly think your child's teacher is mean?

Assume good intentions.
Normally I cringe at that,
because from what I have seen
it's a phrase that gets thrown
when someone complains about someone else.
But seriously,
before you get all mad at your child's teacher
and think s/he's an idiot
or you hate the homework
or think your child deserves a better grade,
can you just stop for a minute 
and assume your child's teacher
has good intentions?
After all,
s/he didn't choose to become a teacher
to make a lot of money.

We don't always get along with everyone.
It's human nature.
And, as a teacher,
I know that not every child and parent I teach
loves me.
Nor do they all hate me.
Some love me.
Some don't.
Same goes with Ethan's teachers.
I have loved some
and liked some.
But never have I made these comments to Ethan.

You're allowed to be upset with your child's teacher.
But before you start the name calling,
stop and think.
Do you really want your child to hear that?
Do you want your child to have little to no respect
for their teacher?

Don't you think you'd be a great role model
when you talk to the teacher?
Ask them why they did something.
Have them explain what they meant.
If you don't like the homework
or grade
or how well your child is progressing,
why does it seem easier to complain?
Why is talking so difficult?

Now before my very few readers
jump down my throat,
this post is not in reference to any specific
Facebook event.
Nor is this about any of my current students.
If I'm honest,
I have to say I have amazing parents this year.
(Or rather this term)
I think the constant
negativity towards teachers
has really begun to bother me.
I'm starting to feel like teachers are no longer appreciated.

So this week,
think back to the teacher that influenced you the most.
Think about the positive effects your child's teacher has on your child.
And please, 
don't forget to thank them. 

Happy Days: 71-80

Scott looks over at me last night,
and asks,
"Are you really at day 79?"
I know!!!!

Can you believe I'm nearly complete?
Scott's doubtful.
He thinks I've cheated,
you know, 
taken pictures one day
and saved them for another.
Or even,
posted twice on the same day.
But nope.
It's been 80 days.

I love it!!!

Day 71 - Swim party

Day 72 - My new skirt

Day 73 - Ice cream is always a hit

Day 74 - Dress rehearsal

Day 75 - Drinks with a view

Day 76 - Ice cream making party

Day 77 - Celebration breakfast

Day 78 - Back stage excitement

Day 79 - Hot chocolate and a cupcake

Day 80 - Friends together again

What makes you happy?