Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

If you haven't figured it out already,
I love to read.
I challenged myself last year, 
and again this year
to reading more books.

Then I came across The Story Siren.
She has a reading challenge as well.
Her challenge is to create awareness for new
young adult authors.
She challenges you to read and review
a minimum of 12 young adult or middle grade debut novels
this year.

Now, did you know that I love
and collect
Cinderella stories?
Well, I do!

So when I heard about Marissa Meyer's novel Cinder
I knew it was one I should read.

Cinder is a cyborg living in New Beijing.
Her adoptive father died from the deadly plague
that ravages the world, 
days after adopting her.
Her step-mother,
or guardian,
hates her.
She is blamed for the illness and death of her

Cinder is a second class citizen and gifted mechanic.
She knows her place in the world.
But that all changes.
She meets Prince Kai.
Her stepmother volunteers her to be a guinea pig 
to scientists trying to find a cure for the plague.
She learns about her past,
all while struggling with her feelings for the prince,
and helping him conquer the evil Queen Levana.

The only thing I did not like,
is that I have to wait until next year,
when the second book comes out,
to get the happily ever after
all Cinderella books provide.


Darlene said...

Knowing you, I am sure you will meet your challenge. Your description of this particular book sounds quite interesting. I'm not quite sure I understand your disappointment with the ending, but sometimes books leave one that way. Still, I got the feeling that it does have a resulution in another book. Am I right on this? Anyway, you are getting a good start and more power to you.

I love to read too. I think I told you about trying to keep up with Sue and all the books she keeps sending me from her kindle to mine. She is such an avid reader, and fortunately our tastes are very similar, so with very few exceptions, I enjoy all of the ones she picks. It is nice because I no longer have to buy books. I do have a friend who goes to garage sales and picks up books rather cheaply and when she finishes reading them, she gives them to me. The only trouble is that she loves mysteries and I really hate them, so usually just pass them along to my oldest daughter who loves them.

Sue said...

It's so hard for me reading a series because I am such an impatient person.

Some are worth it, though!