Tuesday, February 14, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 50

Last year, Ethan decided he wanted to take tennis lessons.
So I found a tennis coach, 
and Ethan and his mates started lessons once a week.
With Ethan's coordination issues,
tennis isn't something he can really play.
His upper and lower body don't always match up.
Which means he can either run after the ball,
or try to hit it,
but not both.

Eventually, the tennis lessons in Dar bore him. 
He was getting frustrated at not being as good as his mates.

In comes Lusaka.
There's a tennis court at school.
Ethan decides he wants to take tennis lessons.
Oh, ok.

Ethan has a 1/2 hour lesson each week.
I'm usually tidying up my classroom, 
so I'm not sure what goes on.
But his tennis coach seems happy with his progress.
Either that,
or he's happy with what I pay him.

I never saw Ethan hit a ball in Dar.
On Friday, Sydney asked Ethan to show me how he could hit the balls.
I was impressed.

Happiness is watching your son enjoy a sport.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Very cool to see him progress and have fun!

Sue said...

Good for him for persevering. And maybe he has a good coach this time, eh?


Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Way to Go!!! He is going to be a tennis Pro!! :)

tolleyrose said...

So fun! He looks like he's doing really well!

Kim said...

That is fantastic. Yay for Ethan!

leigh said...

Nice are so right about the joy to be found in watching your child enjoy a sport. We have soccer starting in a few weeks and we all are excited.

Sarah said...

So glad he is enjoying it!