Tuesday, February 28, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 52

Saturday was market day.
I love market day.

Ethan's favourite part of market day
is eating the noodles.

Scott had to go into the office
later that afternoon,
so Ethan and I went on a date.

"It's not a date mommy.
You are already married to Daddy."

My handsome non-date date.

 The latte's mine.
The black forest mousse,
we shared.

 Open wide!

He's so proud to be paying the bill.

Happiness is having a non-date date with your favourite little man.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Your non date is very handsome. It looks like a fun non date.

Sue said...

Looks like the very best kind of non-date to me!


Karen Mortensen said...

What an awesome day. Your "date" was so cute.

Darlene said...

What a sweet post. You know how much I love hearing about Ethan. He is such a sweatheart. Those noodels he is eating look pretty wonderful to me. I wish I had some right now. I have diverticulitis and can only have liquids for 10 days. Up until today, I haven't had an appetite anyway from all the meds I have had to take, but I have to admit that today I am a wee bit hungry.

I love that you had a non date with such a handsome young man. He says the darned things sometime and I especially loved his retort about the fact that you can't have dates because you are already married!!

Kim said...

The market looks great. I would love something like that.
What a handsome non-date you have there. :)