Monday, February 20, 2012

Half Way There

Four weeks ago,
I convinced some colleagues to join me in doing
Granted, they call it the weight loss challenge,
while we call it the Health Challenge.
We also came up with a name for ourselves;
As in Physically Healthy, Active Teachers.

Today marks the beginning of week 5.
(So far I've lost 3 kilos).
To celebrate the half way point,
Elizabeth decided to throw a 
Half Way There Healthy Pizza Party.
The idea was to get us all together,
healthy toppings only
and we'd have a great afternoon
making pizza. 

Susan got the kids to show her how to roll out her dough.

Kay is proud of her healthy pizza loaded with veggies.

Diana is super excited to be making her own pizza.

That's my pizza there.

Tommy appointed this as the best looking pizza.

during the course of the afternoon,
we abandoned,
or rather forgot,
our healthy habits, and went for the  dessert pizza.

Can't wait to see what we do to celebrate the end of 8 weeks!


Sue said...

Dessert pizza!

Now THAT'S a GREAT idea...


Darlene said...

I love the name "Phats" That is perfect!! All those healthy pizzas looked great, but I have to agree with Sue, the dessert pizza looked great and Ethan looked pretty happy about it. It also looked pretty darned healthy with the apple slices and I would expect maybe it had a little sugar and cinnemon under the apples. Maybe I will have to try that. I do have a pretty good pizza crust rescipe.

Oh my gosh, I hope I can get these words right. I have such a hard time guessing what the letters are. I don't suppose you have ever considered doing away with this extra exercise......hopefully??? And now, to make it worse, they are doing TWO words instead of one. What goes??