Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Five Greats

I'm a little late in posting this,
I had an amazing week last week. 
There were a whole bunch of greats.

1. It began with this

2. Where I got to meet some amazing people.

3. Made new friends. 

4. Got to finally meet some of the most amazing women ever. 

5. And finally made it home to this guy. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Five Greats

In The Law of Moses
Georgia tells Moses about her
five greats.

The five greats game is.....
finding beauty in ordinary things.
And the only rule is

Thinking this was a great idea,
here are this week's five greats.

1) This kid

He is fun loving
and had an incredible sense of humour. 

2) My new MacBook Air
My MacBook was dying
a slow and painful death.
It was time for a new one.

3) Cousins

Spending time with my cousins
is like hanging out with some of your coolest

4) Bravo Broadway

Ethan attended theatre camp again this year.
This year's production was
The Wizard of Oz.
Ethan was Uncle Henry,
a munchkin,
an Oz person
and a Winkie!

5) Dinner with an old friend.

Fiona and I realized,
the last time we got together,
Ethan was 3 weeks old!
Great to catch up again!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Law of Moses - Amy Harmon

A friend of started a FB group,
where we recommend books,
share ones we loved,
basically get excited about books.
A bunch of them were chatting about
The Law of Moses
and how they thought it was the best book
they'd read in June.
Of course,
that meant I needed to read it.
And I have to admit,
I loved it!

The Law of Moses
tells the story of Moses,
a crack baby left in a basket in a laundromat.
His mother was killed
and with his "special needs" 
he's been shoveled back and forth
between family members.

He is an artist,
who feels the need to paint
the images that run through his mind.
Not only does his art control him,
but it also scares everyone around him.
It's viewed as a curse.

Georgia is a neighbourhood girl.
She sees beauty in Moses and his art.
But their relationship
isn't a normal one.
And Moses has rules.
And not falling in love is one of them.

My absolute favourite part of the book, 
was Georgia telling Moses to think of his 5 greats.
I love the 5 greats.
I need to start focusing more on my five greats.
Stay tuned...

Monday, July 13, 2015

Beyond the Kingdoms - Chris Colfer

I have been waiting for this book for months!
I even sat outside the bookstore,
enjoying my Starbucks,
and walked in as soon as it opened,
to get it
the day it was released.

The Masked Man is on the loose.
Alex is determined to find him.
So determined,
that she forgets her duty as
Fairy Godmother
and she looses control of her powers.
Feeling they have no choice,
the fairies strip her of her title.

So now,
with no rules to hold her back,
Alex, her twin brother Connor
with the help of Jack, Goldilocks, Red and Mother Goose
are off to find the Masked Man.

They learn the potion he stole
will allow him to enter any book,
and he plans to recruiting the most evil
characters he can.

And so,
in this fourth installment of
The Land of Stories,
our favourite fairy tale characters
now find them in wonderful pieces of literature.
The travel to Oz, 
Never Neverland.
They meet 
(the future) King Arthur
and Robin Hood.

But can they stop the Masked Man??

Monday, July 6, 2015

Luckiest Girl Alive - Jessica Knoll

I finished reading 
Luckiest Girl Alive
this afternoon,
and am still decided how I feel.

It's one of those books that grip you.
That make you feel.
That messes with your emotions.
I had to put the book down several times,
because I could feel my mood turning dark.
And that darkness stayed with me
for an hour or so.

Ani FaNelli seems to have it all.
She's a writer for Woman's Magazine. 
She's engaged to a wealthy man.
She has great clothes.
She's skinny
(although she complains about how fat she is).
But this doesn't seem to be her.
Earlier on, 
she lets it be known that she works hard to be who is she.
She's fake.

But in high school,
something terrible happened to TifAni.
This is what has contributed to who she is today.
And just when you think you know the full story,
you don't.

And the ending....
can someone help me understand it?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Heaven is for Real - Todd Burpo

I saw a preview for the movie 
based on this book,
and decided I needed to check out the book.

I've read TONS of negative reviews
about this book,
that I almost hesitate to write about it.

I'm not Christian.
I can't even claim I have a lot of faith.
(I've seemed to have lost it.)
But this book really touched me.

Colton Burpo,
aged 4,
 was really sick
and had surgery.
Things didn't look good
and his parents feared the worse.
But Colton pulled through.

he starts talking about the time he was in the hospital
and how he went to heaven.
He knows things about the Burpo family
that he shouldn't know.
He describes his time
with Jesus, God, John the Baptist
and he even mentions meeting his 
great grandfather
(who died long before he was born)
and his sister
(his mother had a miscarriage before he was born).

The critics claim this is fake.
All I know,
was this book was written with innocence
and purity.
Critics feel that the book claims
Christianity is the only religion.
I never got that.
I know people who have a strong belief
in their religion
and I have never felt they thought 
they were better.

This book gave me some hope.
Hope that things happen for a reason.
Hope that there is a purpose.
Hope, that one day,
I may find my faith again.