Saturday, July 4, 2015

Heaven is for Real - Todd Burpo

I saw a preview for the movie 
based on this book,
and decided I needed to check out the book.

I've read TONS of negative reviews
about this book,
that I almost hesitate to write about it.

I'm not Christian.
I can't even claim I have a lot of faith.
(I've seemed to have lost it.)
But this book really touched me.

Colton Burpo,
aged 4,
 was really sick
and had surgery.
Things didn't look good
and his parents feared the worse.
But Colton pulled through.

he starts talking about the time he was in the hospital
and how he went to heaven.
He knows things about the Burpo family
that he shouldn't know.
He describes his time
with Jesus, God, John the Baptist
and he even mentions meeting his 
great grandfather
(who died long before he was born)
and his sister
(his mother had a miscarriage before he was born).

The critics claim this is fake.
All I know,
was this book was written with innocence
and purity.
Critics feel that the book claims
Christianity is the only religion.
I never got that.
I know people who have a strong belief
in their religion
and I have never felt they thought 
they were better.

This book gave me some hope.
Hope that things happen for a reason.
Hope that there is a purpose.
Hope, that one day,
I may find my faith again.

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Susan Anderson said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check this one out.