Saturday, October 31, 2009


Have you ever wondered about the thought process of a three year old? Well here's a glimpse into the mind of my 3-year old.

While in SA, we bought Ethan a new Spiderman shirt. He wore it for the first time this week. I came home from school and he was wearing it. Yeah, it looks great. Then I noticed he'd drawn on it. Yes, my son drew on his brand new Spiderman T-shirt. Needless to say, I wasn't all that happy with this. So as I say, in my stern mommy voice, "Ethan you drew all over your new shirt!" Ethan replies, very innocently "I gave him eyes, mommy. He didn't have the black inside his eyes."

So really, can you argue with this logic? While Spiderman doesn't have the blacks in his eyes, Ethan did attempt to correct this flaw!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinosaurs are Scary, Skeletons are Not

I thought I would share this thought that Ethan taught me in London. I did not know that skeletons were not scary.

In London, my brother and I took Ethan to the Museum of Natural History. He loves dinosaurs and we thought he'd enjoy this outing. Ethan was a little weary at first. He wouldn't go near any displays, but had no problem pointing them all out to me, and asking me to take pictures of them all. Then we went around a bend. They had a huge T-Rex displayed that was robotic. He moved his head and roared. It was fabulous. But not for Ethan. He was terrified. He held on tight to my brother and wouldn't let go. I finally picked him up, shoved his head into my shoulder and we left that scary part.

Ethan calmly explained it was scary because the dinosaur made noise.

After lunch we went to the London Eye. As we're making our way there, we pass this Haunted House area. There's a skeleton with wires and lights wrapped all around him. Ethan pointed it out and announced Halloween must be soon.

So I asked him if he liked the skeleton. "Yes" he replied. "It's not scary?" I ask. Ethan then explained to me that while the dinosaur was scary because it made noise, this skeleton just sits there. "You can touch him and nothing will happen" he replied.

Ah, lesson learnt!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Portrait

My cousin, Faiza, has a wonderful blog. Recently she posted a picture of her family. Not only is it an incredible picture taking by an equally incredible person, but Faiza was very proud, as it was the first family picture taken in years. It features her with her parents, her 2 brothers, 2 sisters-in-law and her gorgeous nephew.

This picture got me thinking. We go home every year for Christmas, and Scott's Aunt Judith makes sure she gets a family picture of us. But then it suddenly occurred, that the same night Faiza got her family picture, was the same night I got a family picture of my own. Not since Ethan was born have we, my parents, and, especially, my brother been together.

So to copy Faiza, here's the 1st picture in 3 years of my entire family.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ethan & Rehan

Ethan has a cousin in Canada that is the same age as he. And as Rehan lives in Canada, Ethan only gets to see him once a year. Last year, they spent an entire day together, and had lots of fun.

This past week, they got to spend a lot of time together in London. Ethan grew very fond of Rehan. He'd wake up in the morning and announce, "Good morning mommy. Where's Rehan?" When we drove to Leicester, Ethan insisted on sitting with Rehan. They even fell asleep with their heads together.

After the wedding, all the cousins went their seperate ways. Scott had to work last Monday, so my brother and I took Ethan out. As we entered the museum to look at the dinosaurs, Ethan asked where Rehan was. We went to the London Eye, and Ethan insisted that Rehan come.

Even today, as we landed back in Dar, Ethan asked where Rehan was, and why he wasn't on the plane with us.

Only 2 more months till we go to Canada, and Ethan gets to see his buddy Rehan once again.