Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinosaurs are Scary, Skeletons are Not

I thought I would share this thought that Ethan taught me in London. I did not know that skeletons were not scary.

In London, my brother and I took Ethan to the Museum of Natural History. He loves dinosaurs and we thought he'd enjoy this outing. Ethan was a little weary at first. He wouldn't go near any displays, but had no problem pointing them all out to me, and asking me to take pictures of them all. Then we went around a bend. They had a huge T-Rex displayed that was robotic. He moved his head and roared. It was fabulous. But not for Ethan. He was terrified. He held on tight to my brother and wouldn't let go. I finally picked him up, shoved his head into my shoulder and we left that scary part.

Ethan calmly explained it was scary because the dinosaur made noise.

After lunch we went to the London Eye. As we're making our way there, we pass this Haunted House area. There's a skeleton with wires and lights wrapped all around him. Ethan pointed it out and announced Halloween must be soon.

So I asked him if he liked the skeleton. "Yes" he replied. "It's not scary?" I ask. Ethan then explained to me that while the dinosaur was scary because it made noise, this skeleton just sits there. "You can touch him and nothing will happen" he replied.

Ah, lesson learnt!