Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Happiness Project - Week 12

Did you hear my fantastic, 

I'm an aunt!!!!

My brother and his wife
had a lovely baby girl.

What's incredible
is my baby brother is now a dad.
He even likes 
those cheesy Facebook pics
about daughters. 
You know the ones.
The ones we like and even
But I never thought my brother
would be one of those.

It's fabulous.
And so is she.
I can't wait to meet her.

Happiness is being a new aunt.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Writer's Workshop - 6 Things

List 6 random facts about yourself.

I'm not exactly sure why I chose this prompt.
I'm not sure I can think of 6 random things
that you don't already know about.
Most of this blog is about
my random thoughts.
here are some things you may 
not already know about me.

1) I'm growing my hair.
Scott hates it.
But I'm enjoying the long hair.
Not sure how long I'll keep at it. 

2) I sing and dance in class.

3) I can't carry a tune....
....or dance.

4) I'm double-jointed.

5) I use to bite my nails.
I still bite my nails.

6) I have a BA in history and sociology.
Real exciting.
I almost got a second degree in English Literacture,
but I dropped British Lit
3 times
Because I cannot handle
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Happiness Project - Week 11

Scott and I celebrated our
15th wedding anniversary.
Fifteen years!
Can you beleive it?
And what better way to celebrate
than a fabulous dinner out.

A celebration needs wine

We kinda went overboard.


Haloumi and Tahini
And if that wasn't going to fill us up
there was still dinner on it's way.

Scott got the salmon and prawn pasta

Salmon platter for me

After dinner,
the wine began to kick in
so I needed a latte.
And who has a latte without
(Not me, that's who)

Creme brulee and a latte

Happiness is a fabulous anniversary

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Happiness Project - Week 10

There's a picture
at my parents' place,
of me when I was younger,
giving my mum a gift.
She's unwrapping a tube of lipstick
I'd given her.
I say given
because I didn't buy it.
I remember,
for years,
whenever my parents' had a birthday,
or Mother's Day,
or Father's Day,
I would go around the house
and wrap things
that already belonged to my parents
and re-gift it!

This weekend
was Mother's Day.
And Ethan reminded me
alot of myself.

He woke me up Sunday morning,
asking me what I would like for breakfast.
He then realised,
with no Scott, 
I would have to make my own
So he left me to sleep
and wandered off.
He came back a few minutes later
with my breakfast.

Blueberry muffin

I got a coupon book as well.

I got a coupon for a hug and a kiss.
I thought those were for free.
Guess not anymore!

And just like his mommy,
Ethan found a gift he knew I'd love.
He picked a flower
from the vase of flowers
on the dining room table.

Happiness is having your 6 year old
plan a Mother's Day
all on his own.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris

it's an end of an era.
The Sookie Stackhouse era.
And honestly,
I'm a little confused.

I've loved my Sookie Stackhouse
Or rather, 
I loved the first few books.
on top of the vampires,
came the 
and witches.
It became a little too much.
And Sookie stopped being a strong character.
Yes in each book
someone was trying to kill her,
or someone she loved.
You'd think with all this
she would be a strong force.
Yet, she still depends on others to help her out.

Dead Ever After
brings back many characters
from past series.
It was nice to see where they are now.
there was nothing too exciting here.
People conspired to kill her
(old news).
Eric needed to choose between
Sookie or the Queen of Oklahoma
(nothing new).
Bill.... well he was still brooding.
Sam... was as hot as ever.

It ended peacefully.
Nothing too shocking.
Nothing too unexpected.
Did we think there would be a big bang?
But you don't get one.
And maybe that's what she wanted
A happily/dead ever after.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I've been loving
watching Ethan
at Saturday Soccer.
He's becoming less scared of the ball,
 skipping less
(yes, he still skips),
and even practices.


The Happiness Project - Week 9

When I lived in Dar,
I worked with various organizations
and charities.
I loved it.
I haven't really been involved in
Not sure why. 

My friends,
Joy and Ken,
arrived in Lusaka at the same time as I did.
One day, 
they were driving their housekeeper home
and were shocked
to learn 
that the children they saw playing in the streets
were playing because they did not go to school.

So they started

after school,
I was shattered.
I just wanted to go home
and curl into bed.
But my photography class 
was going to Appleseed 
to practice taking pictures.

Aren't they precious?

Friday evening,
there was a fundraiser
for Appleseed at the school.
It was a concert
featuring the school choir
and the Appleseed choir.
It was fabulous. 

Happiness is feeling

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just One Day - Gayle Forman

I began this book,
a little nervous.
I was not a fan of
Gayle Forman's 
but did enjoy 

I was not sure what to expect with
Just One Day.

Allyson Healey
is a good girl.
She studies hard and
earned good grades.
For graduation,
her parents send her on
a European tour.
Along with her best friend,
they see the sights of Europe.
Each evening,
the students on the tour
hit a local bar/pub.
But not Allyson.
She's a good girl. 
She goes back to her hotel
and watches a movie.

On the last night of their trip
they are in a queue to watch
a production of Hamlet,
when a boy hands her a flyer
for another Shakespeare play.
Allyson has never been impulsive,
But something overcomes her
and she convinces Melanie to
blow Hamlet for this other performance.
Allyson is mesmerised
by this boy, Willem.

The following day,
Melanie and Allyson head back to London.
On the train,
they meet Willem
who is going back home to Holland.
Allyson mentions they had to cancel
the Paris portion of their trip
(due to a strike)
and Willem convinces her to 
change her plans and spend the day in Paris.

I loved these scenes. 
Paris came alive.
I revisited my trip there.

Allyson and Willem spend the day
and night together.
In the morning,
Allyson awakes.

The rest of the book
is her change.
Her coming of age story.
I thought it would be about her
moping over this guy.
But it's more than that.
Willem called her Lulu.
He never knew her name.
And now Allyson is unsure of who she is.
Is she Allyson?
But where's Lulu?

The book goes through the effects
of this one day
on Allyson.
How her relationships with her parents
and Melanie have changed.
How she's become scared to get close 
to her roommates and classmates.
She spends a year
trying to find herself
before deciding to go back to Paris
to find the answers.
And perhaps
even Willem.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Prodigy (Legend #2) - Marie Lu

I really enjoyed Legend
last year.
I recall the different fonts,
which was confusing at first,
but was great to then have
the different perspectives.
Prodigy is the same.
Day and June's story continues
and in each chapter
you see one of their POV.

In Prodigy
Day and June 
have joined the Patriots
and their plan to assassinate 
the new Elector.
Part of the plan is for June to get close
to the new Elector. 
But when she does
she begins to question the motive
behind his assassination
and wants it stopped.

Day must deal with trust.
Can he trust the Patriots?
And what about the Elector?
Can he be trusted?

We learn more about the Republic,
Patriots and the Colonies
in this book. 
We learn a little of what
happened to the United States.
And we learn,
along with Day,
that the grass is not always greener on the other side.