Tuesday, January 29, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 47

It's a 4-letter word.
It's a huge part of my vocabulary.
It's considered a not-so-nice-4-letter word
by Scott.

The Design House is having a sale.
And, on Friday
it just happened to be
Ladies Who Lunch.
I'm all giddy.
Lunch, wine and

We all know I love my bags,
and surprisingly
I did not buy one this time around.
Despite the sale.
(I think I deserve a bag from Scott for
not buying a bag! LMAO!)

I was drawn to some rings.
And with the sale,
I could not help but buy
a couple of really neat ones.

Happiness is some cute glass rings.
On sale!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 46

Ethan has enjoyed
all the times
Tyler at Afrikolor
has offered a pottery class.
So this past weekend,
when he offered another class
you know Ethan would be there. 

With Valentine's Day
coming up next month
Tyler thought it would be great
to have kids make a teapot.
For the first time too,
he got the kids on the wheel
to make a cup, saucer, sugar pot
or whatever they wanted.

Ethan made a cup and vase.
I have visions of breakfast in bed
in the near future.

Tyler shows the kids how to put their teapot together.  

Making space for the spout.

Getting some help.


Here is my handle.

Making some decorations.

Tyler showing Ethan how to use the wheel.

The vase in progress

This will be a cup.

Happiness is getting your hands
covered in clay.

Friday, January 11, 2013

So Me!

I got the sweetest Christmas gift
this year.
It's from my far-away friend,
who I've yet to meet.
You know it's a great friend
when you receive a package
and your husband knows
that Sarah lives in Chicago!
(Scott doesn't know much
about my faraway friends.)

either I'm an open book,
or she knows me very well,
or even a little of both,
but isn't this 
sooooo me?????

Each charm is sooo me!
A shoe,
a handbag,
a wine glass
and a T.
(Apparently she could not find a book or dagger.)

Isn't it awesome?

what better place
to keep the bracelet safe in the evenings
then it's own box.

Don't I have the best friends?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glitches - Marissa Meyer

Last year,
I came across the book
Cinder by Marissa Meyer
and loved it. 
The second book comes out 
next month,
and I cannot wait.

But, in the meantime,
while I await to see
Cinder's fate,
I came across this prequel.

Glitches shows us Cinder's
introduction to her new family.
It is her reaction
and theirs.
We get to see how Cinder
acclimated to her new family
as well as her new status as a cyborg. 
She cannot recall the accident
that caused this.
Nor does she remember much of her life
before coming to New Beijing. 
But she does know
she was different than she is now. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 44

My brother and his wife
came to visit us yesterday.
It was great to see them.
We missed their wedding last month.
And now they are expecting their
first child.
It's so exciting.

Ethan was eager to see his uncle.
He kept asking when they were coming.
Ethan, also, has a slight obsession
with the WWE.
My brother also had a slight obsession
when he was younger.
So together,
the two boys

Good thing they are having a girl.

Happiness is hanging out
with his uncle and
Tante Brigitte.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Asylum Interviews: Bronx - Jocelynn Drake

I'm not sure how I came across this book.
I think my friend Sarah
recommended it. 
I thought it had vampires.
Sarah did recommend it.
But it doesn't.
And it was still 
a great book. 

This was my first book
by Jocelynn Drake
that I've read.
You can be sure
I'll read more.

This is apparently,
a prequel
to her series 
The Asylum Tales. 

The Asylum Interviews introduces us
to Gage and Bronx.
It's a short story
filled with humour and
trolls, incubi, and warlocks. 

Since this is the prequel,
I'm assuming we'll learn more
about these characters in the other books.

There's only one way
to find out....

Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep

I preordered this
a while ago
and completely forgot about it.
That's what I love about my Kindle.
Wake up Christmas Eve
and find a new book on the Kindle!

This book was hard to read
and not because it was bad,
but it was painful.
In a good way.

Poor Gwen,
this girl just can't catch a break!

She's still reliving the whole
letting Loki escape thing
and has her very first date with Logan.
And what happens?
Three members of the Protectorate Elite,
including Logan's father,
arrive to arrest her for treason!

Not only do they arrest her during her date,
they take her back to school
where there's an assembly,
bring her onstage and tell
everybody that she's responsible 
for Loki's escape!

Definetly a memorable date!

Things don't get much better
for dear Gwen.
The students at school all hate her.
Reapers continue to attack
and she's once again accused of
bringing them in.
She needs to prove her innocence,
fight the Reapers 
learn what their plan is.

all in a day's work
for our dear heroine!

Writer's Workshop - Resolutions

4.) Resolutions. Love'em? Hate'em? Tell us why. Make one?  Talk about your resolutions or goals for 2013.

I truely hate resolutions.
I just don't get them.
Yes it's a new year
and we want a new start,
but no one really keeps them; 
do they?

as much as I do not like resolutions,
I do make them.
Every year.
And I don't keep them.
I think I'm good for about a month.
Then I forget about them.

And so,
this year,
I have a few more.
The first is the most important;

1) Keep my goals.

2) Live a healthy life.
I would say loose weight,
but that never happens.

3) Be a better mom and wife.

4) Keep on studying. 

I'm thinking these are simple enough
that I won't mess up this year.

So what are your goals?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 43

I'm a day late with this week's
Happiness Project.
But I have a good excuse;
we've been in New York
for the past few days.
that's right,
we were in New York City!!!!!!

So anyone who ever goes to NYC
has something they must do.
It might be Rockerfella Centre,
Central Park,
Empire State Building,
Time Square,
Statue of Liberty.

For me,
it was FAO Schwarz.

Yes, that's right.
I could not wait to go there.

From the moment you are greeted at the door
by the soldier
it was magical.

There's an entire section
for candy.

Tons of toys.

of course,
the big piano!!!!

Happiness is NYC
and FAO Schwaz!