Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Days 61-70

I can't believe I have just another month
left on this challenge.
It's been a great learning experience.
Even on the days
where not much has happened,
I look outside and see
this amazing place I live in
and reflect on the different experiences
I've had
and I know this simple day
makes me happy.

Day 61 - Easter eggs? Or Smarties? Both!

Day 62 - My view all afternoon

Day 63 - Ethan modelling his banana-leaf-wear

Day 64 - Giant turtles

Day 65 - Ethan taste tests my homemade granola

Day 66 - Ethan made me an Easter Lego Bunny

Day 67 - Ethan loves dance class

Day 68 - I sneaked some of Ethan's Easter chocolate

Day 69 -  Another lovely day in Dar

Day 70 - Sushi Saturday

What makes you happy?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Days: 51-60

I have now completed
over half this challenge.
And I love it!
Once again,
I reflect on the last 10 days
and notice a lot of food.
So yes,
food makes me happy.
No wonder I often complain about my weight!
But I'm still happy!

Day 51 - Sushi Monday

Day 52 - Star gazing on the roof

Day 53 - Ethan's grade gets together to look at the moon, stars and planets

Day 54 - Ladies' night

Day 55 - I attended a Living Foods workshop

Day 56 - Getting together with mates we haven't seen in 9 years!

Day 57 - Baking with Ethan

Day 58 - My new Nicky necklacec

Day 59 - The last textbook I need to purchase for my Masters

Day 60 - A rainy day made our normal 20 minute drive home take over 2 hours.
Came home and cuddled with hot chocolate.

What makes you happy?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Writer's Workshop - Easter Recap

Easter Recap!

It's been forever
since I joined
on one of her writing prompts.

But we had a lovely Easter
and I wanted to share.

It's been a long time
(three years to be exact)
since we've been to Zanzibar.
It was time to go back.

Where does the ocean end and the sky begin?
Easter 2014 was spent
in the pool.

Racing with dad
Years and years ago,
on a visit to Zanzibar,
Scott and I went on a spice tour.
We thought Ethan would enjoy that as well.

Ethan and I sporting our banana-leaf-wear
We also thought Ethan would enjoy
seeing the large turtles.

Ethan was a little nervous getting up close
Easter in Zanzibar
proved to be a relaxing vacation.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty

Over New Years,
two mates told me I
must read
The Husband's Secret.
All they would tell me,
or rather ask me,
was if I found a letter
Scott had written me,
but it says to be opened at his death,
would I wait?
Could I wait?

Could you?

Meet Cecilia.
One day, 
she's up in the attic
looking for something for her daughter,
she finds this letter.
What should she do?

We then meet Tess.
Her husband and her cousin/best friend
announce they are in love.
Her mother has recently broken her foot,
so she takes her 6 year old son
and moves to her mother's
to help out, 
and think things through.

meet Rachel.
Almost two decades ago,
her daughter was murdered.
The murderer was never found.
And as much as she loves her son
and grandson,
there's a piece of herself missing.

While it seems these women have nothing in common,
their lives interwine
with each other.
And while the secret
is not as shocking as you'd think
(you kind of begin to suspect it)
I loved these characters.
I felt their pain
 and happiness.

Have you decided?
Are you like Pandora?
Do you need to know what's in the box?
Or can you let it be?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nil - Lynne Matson


Seventeen year old Charley,
heads to Target one summer day
and suddenly finds herself
lying on a beach.

Twelve days later,
she meets a group of teens 
and learns she's on the island of 
And on Nil, 
you have exactly 365 days to leave
or you die.

so let me start by saying I really enjoyed this book.
And I am fully aware it has gotten mixed reviews.
In fact, 
I think I even tried not to like it.
To focus on the negative.
I even,
found out how it ended.
And yet,
I cried.
So I'm thinking,
if I know how a book ends,
I shouldn't cry.
But I did.
So this was a darn good book.

Charley meets Thad on Nil.
He teaches her about the island.
And they fall in love.
And it has it's 
Survivor meets Lost

We also meet Bart,
who's not very nice.
He tries to steal other's doors
(there's a porthole type thing to get out)
he picks fights.
And yet, 
his story just ends.

We never learn what Nil is
or how these kids end up there
and for many,
we don't know what happened to them.

she made me cry.
And that alone
means this was one darn good book!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Days: 41-50

You know, 
once you start this journey,
you come to realise how easy it is
and how incredible it is.
I'm halfway through my 100 days.
And there are days I think
"oh gosh, what is making me happy?"
And there are times
I want to take a few pictures
and have them on reserve
for another day.
But I don't.
It's amazing
how even some small things
can make you happy.

Day 41 - Going for a massage

Day 42 - A cappucino milkshake

Day 43 - BBQ with friends 
Day 44 - Turtle Cheesecake

Day 45 - The King is here 
Day 46 - Some down time to read and have a coffee

Day 47 - a great find at the library

Day 48 - My Grease date

Day 49 - Grease, with adults this time

Day 50 - A perfect Sunday

What makes you happy?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Days: 31-40

Have I mentioned how much
I love this challenge?
I have noticed
I seem to get happy alot over food.
Should I be concerned?

Day 31 - A new haircut

Day 32 - Spidermen

Day 33 - Ethan learns to use chopsticks

Day 34 - Dinner with Antje and Rick

Day 35 - Hanging out with my lil' man

Day 36 - Chocolate Mousse Pie

Day 37 - Haircut and ice cream

Day 38 - Watching Ethan dive into a book

Day 39 - A Me day with a manicure, pedicure and head massage

Day 40 - Cupcake treats from a wonderful friend

What makes you happy?