Monday, March 23, 2015

The Web - Megan Chance

I really enjoyed the first book.
The way the story and folklore came together
was done in a great way.
So I was really excited to get my hands on
the second one.

The Web picks up where 
The Shadows
left us.

Grace has chosen to be with Patrick
and while she still doubts that she is
the veleda,
she agrees to support the Brotherhood
and the Formori.
And yet,
Grace still dreams of Derry.

with the help of Grace's brother,
convinces her to trust him
and the Fianna.

The Web took more time to get into.
While in The Shadows,
she seemed confident and able,
here she lacked strength.
It took a while for Grace 
to start believing in herself
and she wasn't just unsure,
she was very weak.

Having said that,
it does pick up.
and when Grace starts to believe in her power,
it get interesting.

Now to wait for the final

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Birthday Tradition

Earlier this school year,
Ethan was assigned some homework
which asked him to learn about
some family traditions.
At the time,
it was a little hard to think of one.
But then this weekend came...

Yesterday was Scott's birthday.
Happy birthday Scott!

Since Ethan was 8 months old,
we've had a birthday tradition.
Every year,
they get matching t-shirts.

Last year,
they got Sochi shirts,
this year,
we went with the Superhero theme.

Happy birthday Batman!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Horns - Joe Hill

Sometime ago,
I saw the movie poster for 
and thought I needed to read this book.

I'm so glad I did.

Horns hooks you in
from the very beginning.

The book begins with
Ignatius Perrish,
who wakes up, after a drunken
disorderly night,
with a massive hangover
and horns.

He soon learns that his horns hold
a "power".
People tell him their deepest,
darkest secrets.
They share the "evil" side of themselves.

We also learn
that this last year has been difficult for dear Ig.
His girlfriend was brutally raped and murdered,
and everyone
and I mean everyone,
believes he's guilty.

Ig sets off to learn who was really responsible
and while embracing the devil inside,
seeks revenge.

I think I may have just discovered
a new favorite author!