Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Shadows - Megan Chance

I love going on vacation
with a Kindle full of books.
We were away this past week
and had no internet network.
I grabbed my iPad to find something to read.
But without internet,
I couldn't check what some of the books
were about.
That meant taking a risk.
And this turned out to be a great one!

The Fianna are a legendary group 
of ancient Irish warriors.
They have been asleep for over 2,000 years
but have now been summoned to help
the Irish fight the British.
Yet, they do not know who summoned them
and start to look for the veleda.

Patrick Devlin,
is a New Yorker of Irish descendant.
Having spent the last 3 years in Ireland
trying to help the cause,
he comes back determined to call the Fianna
for help.
He's passionate about Ireland
and Grace.

Grace Knox is about to turn 17.
Her family,
once wealthy,
have lost everything.
If she married a rich man,
her family can be saved. 
Grace's grandmother has told her the folktales
of the Fianna and Fomorians.
But she believes it's just stories.

Grace finds herself in the middle of a battle.
The ancient tribes of Fianna and Fomorians
need her as the veleda.
She is also torn between Patrick
and Diarmid,
a Fianna,
whom she finds herself drawn too.

I've always loved mythology.
But have never looked at Irish myths.
I think it's high time I do!


Susan Anderson said...

Okay, this one sounds cool. I am a sucker for anything Irish.

I will check it out. Thanks.