Monday, October 27, 2014

Awaking - Madeline Freeman

This book is a hard one
to review.
I really enjoyed it.
But there were times I got frustrated.
It's almost like there was something missing.
Something lacking.
I loved the characters
and the storyline,
I even felt the pace was great.
But something...
something was missing. 

Morgan Abbey is about to begin
her senior year. 
She has always had the ability
to read palms. 
She's even started a little side business.
A few weeks into the end of summer,
she meets a stranger who tells her
she's The One.
He also claims to know her mother
who disappeared 10 years ago.

Morgan is suddenly thrown into a world
she never knew existed.
She learns she is a part of a secret society,
called The Veneret
who have special powers.
They now live in hiding and she's viewed as the One
to save them.

I liked Morgan. 
She's an outcast,
her father was arrested for killing her mother.
Her mother disappeared,
no body was ever found.
She discovers her hobby as a psychic 
isn't just fun and games,
that she has a talent.
She also discovers she's developing new powers.

There's a love triangle,
of sorts.
First we meet Corbin.
Morgan's best friend has a serious crush on him.
Morgan attempts a reading on him
and suddenly opens him up to powers.
Then there's the barista, Lucas.
after a reading, 
he learns he has powers too.
And let's not forget Kellen.
The mysterious stranger who introduces Morgan
and her friends to the Veneret.
But is he a decent guy?
Or the villain? 

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