Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going Paperless

I really want to go paperless.
I've tried to go paperless.
I have an iPhone, iPad, Macbook.
There's no reason I should still be using paper.
But I can't go paperless.
Am I too old?

I couldn't find a lesson plan book I liked,
so I made one.
It has my plans written all over
and sticky notes for other plans and ideas.
Then, when Scott gave me an iPad for my birthday,
I thought I'd use it for school purposes.
I even found a great app.
But, for some reason,
I prefer my homemade lesson plan book. 
It works better for me.

So, if I'm going to use paper for my lesson plans,
I figure I could go paperless for my student conferences.
And yes, there's a fab app for that too.
I started using it,
but once again, 
found my label stickers and notebook a better/easier way.

I know, 
shame on me.

My iPhone's great to write my appointments in,
let's me write all sorts of things down,
appointments, to do list, goals, exercise, food journal,
all in one place.

I know,
the paperless thing is just not meant for me.
I apologise. 


Kim said...

I cannot go paperless, either. I need scratch paper and notebooks. But id do recycle and try to use junk mail and other things as my scratch paper to start with.