Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Things

I had a bad couple days at work.
I actually considered quitting.
It's all good now.
No worries.

With it being the 29th today,
and it being a cool thing,
I thought I'd heed some advice from my principal
and remember the good things.

So, here's my list of 
29 Things I Love About Teaching.

1. I love sharing my experiences with my students.
2. The ability to help students acheive their best.
3. Knowing that I inspire some of my students.
4. I feed off the energy of my students.
5. I get to share my enthusiasm. Did you know enthusiasm is contagious?
6. Teaching grade 2 is amazing. You can't imagine how much growth there is.
7. I work with a group of fabulous professionals.
8. You never get bored of teaching.
9. Have you ever seen a lightbulb go on in one of your students?
10. I have an administrator that listens and is supportive.
11. I get to read. Every. Single. Day!
12. I get to share my love of books with 20 other people.
13. I have the best assistant teacher.
14. My teaching partner thinks I'm great!
15. I honestly have the job I've always wanted.
16. I get siblings who know who I am. It's like being a rock star.
17. Kids say the darndest things!
18. Seeing children help each other out.
19. Hugs! I love getting hugs from my students. 
20. I get to travel. With the vacation time I get, I get to see the world.
21. I love it when students ask thoughtful questions.
22. I learn all kinds of things from my students.
23. I get to act like a ham in front of my class. And they still love me!
24. A month off at Christmas, Easter Break, Mid Term breaks, Summer Vacation!
25. Ethan and I get to go to school together.
26. I get a kick out of telling my students we're going to play a game, and they think I'm not teaching them anything!
27. I have the best timetable ever, this year!
28. If a lesson's going stray, you can improvise and the students never notice.
29. It's who I am.


Lindzena said...

Way to look on the positive side. You have a wonderful blog, what an interesting life you lead!

- Lindz

Sue said...

My sister is a teacher, and I suspect her list would look much like yours.

Which doesn't mean she does have on of those "wish I could quit" days now and again...


Darlene said...

After reading you list of possitive things you love about teaching, I too am reminded of Sue's sister, Nikki, who loves teaching just like you do. My little Nikki used to have her own "school" for the neighborhood kids when she was about eight years old. She made out lesson plans and gave them all homework which she checked very carefully. The parents all said that their kids might not do their regular school homework, but they always did Nikki's. They were all so grateful because they learned so much from them. It's all Nikki ever wanted to do and it sounds as if it was all you wanted to do too.

Sorry though, that you had a bad day. They do happen once in a while. Glad you recovered from it so quickly. I just know you will keep that possitive attitude. I'm sure you are an excellent teacher, Tima.