Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Face Painting

Ethan's just been introduced to face painting. He's still unsure if he likes it or not. It seems to be hit and miss with him.

Last month we went to Milimani (mall) and there were some face painters, and Minnie Mouse. Ethan was mesmorised, and terrified of Minnie Mouse. Then he noticed the face painting and decided he wanted to get it done. While he waits in line, he explains how he wants to be... you guessed it... Spiderman. There's a little girl before Ethan who chooses to have her hand painted instead of her face. So I ask Ethan if he wants his hand or face painted. Face he chooses.

Ethan's up next, and in his I'm-scared-but-trying-to-be-brave voice, tells the lady he wants to be Batman! Batman? I thought he wanted to be Spiderman. No, no, no, he's changed his mind and wants to be Batman now. Then just as she's about to start painting his face, Ethan holds out his arm. He wants his hand painted not his face. So we finally decide that Batman on his hand won't look good, so how about a spider on his hand. We all agree, and Ethan loves it.

We finish at the mall, go for pizza and eventually head home. All along the way, Ethan shows everyone his Spider, but I notice he sometimes says Batman, but think nothing of it.

We get home, and Ethan goes to the washroom. Suddenly I hear him cry. I run to see what's happened. Ethan's standing on his stool, looking in the mirror, crying "My Batman face! It's gone!" Guess he forgot he changed his mind and got his hand painted instead!