Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Secret to a Successful Haircut

I have found the secret to getting Ethan's haircut!!!

Ethan hates, and I mean HATES getting his haircut. I tend to let it grow really long before we go for a haircut. Usually Scott threatens to shave Ethan's head, and I know that's my cue to take him. I'm convinced Ethan can feel every single snip. He cries, complains it hurts, flays his arms around. He ends up with an uneven haircut. Oh, and it takes four of us, yes FOUR, to cut his hair. He refuses to sit in the chair, so he sits on Joel's lap. Christina (the nanny) holds his arms down, I shove spoonfuls of ice cream into his mouth and the hairdresser attempts to give it a decent cut.

Then Christmas Eve came along. Scott needed a haircut and we decided to tag along. The whole time Ethan saw his dad get his haircut, he kept telling me that he was not going to get his cut. No problem, it's Christmas Eve, I'm not going to ruin this lady's day, plus I have no Joel or Christina with me. Scott finished his haircut, and I think Ethan noticed he wasn't upset by the process, so informed me that he wanted his cut too. Yeah right! I'm thinking. But sure enough, Ethan climbed onto the chair, and sat quietly while he got his hair cut.

We get back to Dar, and my mate informs me that she's taking her son to get his haircut. Ethan was over there playing, so I suggest that we come along, so Ethan can see that even kids think haircuts are not an ordeal. Same thing. He refuses to get his haircut while watching Georgie get his cut, only to decide at the end, that he wants his cut too!

Yesterday was time for Georgie's haircut. And I have to admit, Ethan's hair was starting to get unruly as well. This time Joel came along. He didn't believe me, when I said it would be easy. As Georgie get his haircut, Ethan announces to everyone that he will not be getting his cut. Yes Georgie looks great, but he will not be getting one! (Joel is silently laughing at me) Then the hairdresser pulled out the magic ingredient. Coloured gel!!!! Georgios wanted blue streaks in his hair. Oh, well that grabbed Ethan's attention. Now he wants his cut. Joel comes over, so Ethan can sit on his lap, but Ethan climbs onto the chair all by himself. There's not a single tear being shed. I'm so pleased, and Joel is rendered speechless. After his hair gets cut, Ethan chooses yellow streaks.

So now I know. The secret to a successful haircut is 1) Georgie and 2) coloured gel!!!!