Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Zanzibar is only a short flight (or ferry ride) from Dar but we haven't gone as often as we'd like. In fact, I think Ethan's only been once. Scott and I went when Ethan was about 9 months. We thought we'd have a lovely Easter weekend in Zanzibar. However, Ethan was unable to make it. Instead "Teething Ethan" joined us. Not pleasant.

Then in November, Scott's friend, Mel, came from SA and we went for a short visit. Ethan came along as well.

This weekend we took another trip there. Ethan enjoyed the flight. He was so excited. Was telling everyone that he was going to Zanzibar in a "big plane". No, small plane, but for Ethan it's big. When we got to the airport, Ethan and his dad went to see all the airplanes. Ethan chose a red one and decided that's the one that would take him to Zanzibar. We finally convinced him to board the white plane, it has red on it.

We haven't stayed at Mtoni for years, but I think this is the favourite hotel, and the place to stay from now on. They have an amazing infinity pool, a kids pool with slide, a kid's playground, a beach restaurant as well as a sports bar, a beach, oh and best..... only a 10 min drive to Stone Town!!!!!

We had a very relaxing weekend, of sitting by the pool and swimming. Ethan lived in the water. From the minute we got there, he saw the pool and demanded to go swimming. First thing he'd ask for in the morning, to go swimming. And even when he'd come out of the pool, teeth chattering from being so cold, he'd want to go swimming again.