Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3-year Wellness Check

So I thought I should share Ethan's 3-year wellness check. But first, I have to backtrack a little. I'm a little bit of a paranoid mother when it comes to Ethan. I tend to worry about everything. It drives Scott crazy. And I know I over react. If I were teaching at home, and had a parent with concerns that I sometimes have, I'd tell them they have nothing to worry about.

Ok, so back in March I started to worry about Ethan's motor skills. His running was weak, he wasn't able to jump with 2 feet, and his fine motor skills were horrible. There's a wonderful new pediatrician at our clinic, so I decided to have Ethan checked out by him.

After being reassured that Ethan was ok (he was a little behind but not delayed), he did mention that he'd like to do a follow up in 6 months. He suggested Ethan do some climbing (like there's a lot of parks here!) and swimming (Ethan was in swim camp in July, and takes swimming lessons once a week) to help his motor developemnt. He also thought we might want to consider taking Ethan to a neurological pediatrician if we were planning to go home this summer.

Well now Ethan's three. I decided to have his wellness check with the pediatrician instead of his GP, because Ethan also compalins about his ears alot. (That's all better now) So here are Ethan's stats:
Weight : 12.2 kg (he's gained a whole 200 grams since March)
Height: 97.8cm (3.2 feet)

But... the best part of all..... he was very impressed with the improvemnt in Ethan's motor skills. He said while he was sure in September there would be some improvement, he didn't expect this much. (Yeah Ethan!) He also doesn't see a need for Ethan to see a specialist, unless we'd like to for our own reassurement. Yeah Ethan!

Did I mention, Yeah Ethan!