Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Touch of Midnight - Lara Adrian

I'm new to the whole 
Breed series
as I've nly read one book to date.
But it is a series I intend to continue with.
So, when I heard there as a prequel,
the story of Savannah and Gideon,
I thought I'd learn about them
before continuing on.

not being overly familiar with the characters,
I can honestly say I love them!

Savannah and Gideon's story takes place in the 1970s.
You know,
when you're in trouble and need help
you need to go to the pay phone! 
Love it!!!

Gideon is a 300+ year old Breed Warrior.
Savannah is a college freshman.
When she touches things,
she sees their story.
During some course work,
Savannah comes in contact with an old
English sword and soon sees
it's history.
She becomes a witness to the murder
of twin boys
by a group of fanged creatures.

And thus begins her introduction 
to the world of monsters.
To the world of vampires.

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