Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mom of One

 Ethan's our only child. And,  I do not shy away from referring to him as my miracle child. Those who know me, know the reason(s) he's our only child. And they know why he'll be our only child. 

And while I get, that not everyone is aware of this, and people find it necessary to ask me when I'll have another, it does tend to get old.

Yesterday, I went to fetch Ethan from school. Hanging out with some fellow moms, I had one ask me about more children. And I gave my standard response. "No, we have no plans for more." But it didn't end there. The inquisition went on for a good 10 minutes.

Not everyone chooses to have more than one child. For some, this is a choice. For others, it isn't. But no matter which one it is, there are some things you should just  not say!

1. But wouldn't you want a girl.
    Sure. But I have a niece. And while it's not the same, I'm happy. So why does it bother you?

2. Doesn't he ever want a sibling.
     Sure. But he also wants an iPad, a new bike, playdates, no homework, and a whole bunch more.          Yes, it's not the same thing,  but you can't always get what you want. 

3. Are you trying?
    Maybe we are. And maybe we're not. I like to say we're practicing! 

4. Just go and have another one.
    Sure. I'll just go to the baby store and pick one out.

5. You know, you could adopt.
    Yup, I know. Thanks.

6. He needs someone to play with.
    Yes he does. That's why he has friends.

7. Doesn't he get lonely?
    Sure he does. Sometimes. Don't we all?

Don't get me wrong, I understand there are people who love their big family, and there are people who are happy with their small families. But why is there a need to make people question their choices?