Monday, February 29, 2016

Broken Harbor - Tana French

"This case should have gone like clockwork. It should have ended up in the textbooks as a shining example of how to get everything right. By every rule in the book, this should have been the dream case."

Scorcher Kennedy and his rookie partner, Richie are called out to Broken Harbor. A family was attacked in their home. In the middle of the night. The father, and two young children are dead. The wife is rushed to the hospital, and is in intensive care.

At first glance, it looks like the husband/father lost it and killed everyone before killing himself. But according to Jenny's sister, Fiona, they were in love. Everything was perfect.

As Kennedy and Richie continue their investigation, things don't add up. Fiona is too eager to jump to everyone's defence. What is she hiding? When Jenny regains consciousness, she's also hiding something. But what? Why won't she help them find who did this to her family?

If Pat Spain didn't kill his family, then who? The crazy neighbours next door? The mysterious man that was spying on the Spains? And what would the motive be?

And all the time Kennedy spends on this case, he also has his, can I say bi-polar(?), sister to look after.

It should have been easy. But it is not.


Susan Anderson said...

Sounds intriguing. Thanks for the tip.