Friday, July 8, 2016

Things I Don't Understand

I'll be honest. For the last week, E and I have been in the city. The TV isn't working at the condo, and we've been out and about that my "catching up" with social media has been limited. I've kinda been living in a bubble for the past week, and kept hearing things, but didn't really pay attention. I often like to joke about "ignorance is bliss", but really, it isn't, so last night I caught up on what everyone's been talking about.

I like to be honest with Ethan. I let him know what facts are and what my opinions are, and I'll even admit to him when there's nothing to back up my opinions. Like every other mother, I want my child to grow up to be kind, intelligent, caring.... But last night, I worried more about the kind of world my son will have, that the kind of person he'll be in it.

Like every other mother, I try to help my child understand things. And those who know me, know I add a little sarcastic flair, every now and then. If he has a question I cannot answer, I'll tell him that, and we try to google it.

But what happens when I don't understand something? Seriously.

Here are the things I do not understand:

* I do not understand how a man can be openly racist and sexist, make fun of the disabled and yet still be considered to be a potential world leader.

* I do not understand how a man can brutally rape a woman, feel remorse over drinking and partying, but not for his actions, and be told "no jail for you, you've been through enough".

* I do not understand how a man can walk into a nightclub, shoot a bunch of people, and instead of being concerned about how he got a hold of these weapons, we discuss his race and religion.

* I do not understand how police offers can sit on a man, and still feel "threatened" enough to shoot him dead.

* I do not understand why police officers would feel the need to shoot a man in front of a 4-year old child.

* I do not understand why terrorist groups are called religious groups. Doesn't all religion promote love, forgiveness and understanding?

* I do not understand why terrorist groups feel the need to kill everyone. No seriously. What's the point? To show you can? Really?

* I do not understand how governments can be so bad that their people need to flee to feel safe. And then, instead of being welcomed by other humans and being treated like ...humans... they are met with anger and fear. Why would they risk their lives to leave a place of war, if what they wanted was to cause... war?

I want my child to grow up to be kind, openminded, loving, intelligent. I want my child to care for others. But how is that possible when the world around him is filled with so much hate?

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