Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Angels' Share - J.R. Ward

I grew up watching Dynasty and Dallas with my mother. Which is why I'm probably drawn to this series. It has all the elements of the eighties soap operas; money, greed, betrayal, love addiction and murder.

Yes, murder.

What was a suspected suicide, now hints to murder. As the investigation deepens, Lane worries it may have been Edward. He's also trying to get to the bottom of the family's finances and what his father did. His divorce continues to be messy, his brother, Maxwell returns and his sister, Gin is marrying a scum of a man. Yes, the man has his hands full. It's a good thing he has Lizzie by his side.

Edward's story is what I loved the most in The Angels' Share. We see his softer side and our hearts break along with his.

Just like the first book, we're left hanging. Kind of like those 80s soaps. You know, the end of season cliffhanger. But instead of waiting until the end of summer, we have to wait a year to find out who really did it!

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