Thursday, January 26, 2017

Crank - Ellen Hopkins

Life was good
I met
the monster. 
was great
At least
for a little while.

It seems I have a thing for books written in poetry. Although this one is not meant for your middle schooler. 

Written in prose, Crank tells the story of Ellen Hopkins' daughter. At age 16, Kristina starts her downward spiral into the life of drugs. She discovers the "monster" and develops an alter ego named Bree, who is sexy, confident, everything Kristina is not. 

This is one of those books that has mixed reviews on Goodreads. It's also one of those books that I was unsure what rating to give it. Finally, I decided, if a book can have this kind of effect on me, it's a darn good book.

I read Crank in a day and a half. It's poetic nature makes it easy to read. It also makes you feel. You feel sick. You feel frustrated. You feel scared. 

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