Sunday, June 21, 2009


At school, there is a song about ghosts. Jenny has 4 ghosts costumes in different colours (red, white, blue and green), and 4 children would dress up in them. A song would be sung, and they'd come out. After a series of questions, the children guess who is the ghost.

At first Ethan was terrified. He'd often tell me about the ghosts at school and how he was scared. It took awhile before I realised what he was talking about, and was told by Waheeda and Jenny, that he would hide behind one of them, whenever the song would be sung. Then began the fascination. Ethan wanted to be a ghost, but as soon as he was given the costume, he'd get a look of terror in his eyes, and throw it away. I once agreed to go with him, in his costume, and that made it easier. And that began the month long ghost conversations.

Everyday, on our way to school, Ethan would sing:

"Four coloured ghosts,

Four coloured ghosts,

Four coloured ghosts....

Floating in the air.


Oh wait it doesn't end there.

"Mommy, choose a ghost."

"Red one Ethan."

"Red ghost, are you a boy, a girl, Spiderman, banana-chichi? A boy! Who is it? Ethan! Ethan! Ethan! Give it to someone. Give it to someone. How many ghosts now? Three"

And so Ethan continues. All the way down to the last ghost. And if we haven't reached school yet, then he'd continue with the second group of children. But I have to say, Ethan was always fair. He made sure everyone got a chance to be a ghost. It just drove me crazy!