Monday, May 25, 2009

The Conversation

Yesterday we decided to spend the day on South Beach. The cue was long, so we decided to drive there. It was a long-ish drive, but Ethan napped, so that was good.

The drive back was..... not so quiet. We decided to take the ferry back, and it wasn't the waiting that was horrible. Ok, horrible isn't the right word. Let me do this. Let's just play back the conversation Ethan had with us.... or himself, we haven't figured that out yet.

Where are we going? And after we get home? And after dinner? And next? And next? And next? Where are we? Is that the ferry? I want to go the ferry! I can't see. Daddy I can't see! No Mommy, I talking to Daddy. Where? What? I see a boat! Who driving the boat? I can't see. I drive boat. We fly. What's captain's name? Daddy what's captain name? Mommy, who's captain? I can't see. Oh, I be pirate and fly a boat. I want to go on ferry. I see ferry. Let me go on ferry. Is this the ferry? Look mommy the tree is moving. No Daddy, I talking to mommy. The tree is moving! No not the boat, the tree! I want to go on boat. This is boat? This ferry? Where? I can't see the ferry? Where we going? And after we get home? And then? And next? .....


Selena said...

I am glad to hear I'm not the only one with a talker! Curious minds want to know a lot!!!! I do have to admit, Ethan sounds worse than Owen, hehe phewf!!!