Saturday, May 2, 2009

Becoming Greek

Hanging out with Georgios an his family has made Ethan appreciate the Greeks. Maybe a little too much. It seems, Ethan would like to be Greek!

It started with Grrek Easter. Or Orthodox Easter. While Janita mentioned it was a whole weekend affair, Ethan and I joined them for the Sunday "party" (Scott was away for work). It was a rainy day, so the kids didn't have a lot to do, but Georgie's cousins were there to entertain the two boys. And they were entertained.

Ethan was also extremly fascinated with the Arch Bishop. He couldn't stop staring at hm. He loved his clothing (especially the hat) loved how great he was with the kids, couldn't quite understand why he was blessing all the kids and they were kissing his medallion, but it was so exciting for him.

Ethan and Georgie checking out the roast pig.

Cutting the goat

Ethan stuffing himself with the "kuku"


Last week was Georgie's name day. To celebrate, the family had a dinner in his honour. Being Georgie's best friend, Ethan was invited. While we normally don't take Ethan out at nights, this was an exception. Once again all the older cousins were there, and Ethan had a blast. Well that and he got to stay up way past hs bedtime. Now he wants to know when his name day is and when he can become Greek!