Sunday, May 24, 2009

Star of the Week

At Ethan's school, they have the Star of the Week. Each week, a different child is awarded the SotW. There's a wall dedicated to the person. Their picture is placed on the wall. They are encouraged to bring more pictures of friends, family, pets, etc. They can also bring some of their favourite toys and books. Everything is displayed on the wall for the entire week. During the week, the SofW gets to sit on Jenny's lap and choose all the songs that they will sing during circle time, they get to choose the book that gets read at the end of the day (usually one of the books they've brought in) and they choose who gets to go home in what order. On Friday, they bring in their favourite DVD to share with the class, and some of their favourite foods. They end their week by receiving a crown, and a special book all about them (thanks Natalie - Ethan loves his!)

So this is a great idea, and the kids love it. My son......... it went to his head. Ethan believed that SotW meant he was awarded king of the week! He wouldn't always respond to his name, but preferred to be addressed as "Ethan, Star of the Week". And every morning he would ask, "Who's the Star of the Week? It's me!!!!" Jenny created a monster!!!!!

We spent the early part of the week discussing what food he wanted to bring on Friday. After much conversation, he decided on chapatis (train shaped), cookies and ice cream. After the baking was done, he decided he wanted cake instead of cookies. I think not. Then when Friday finally arrived, what did he eat? The ice cream. That's it!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Tomorrow's Monday and Ethan is no longer the Star of the Week. He goes back to being a commoner. Wonder how that will go?