Sunday, October 7, 2012

ABC - More Time

October 7th - What do you wish you had more time to do?

I'm always complaining there's not enough time.
Not enough time to spend with Ethan.
Not enough time to study.
Not enough time to exercise.
Not enough time to read.
Which would make it seem
that this would be an easy prompt.

Yes, I wish I had more time to do these things,
but if I can't get them done now,
will extra time really help?
Or would I use that extra time 
at school to plan?
Or blog?
Or just sit around and catch my breath?

So as much as I would like 
extra time.
 I really think
what I need is to make time.
Make the time to exercise everyday.
Make some time to spend with Ethan,
doing something other than
arguing or doing homework.
Make the time to get some studying done.
Make the time to spend
on me.


Heidi said...

I tend to agree and wonder how I would really use the extra time if given the opportunity!

Darlene said...

It's all about organization. It is amazing what I can do when I just organize my time. I thought that when we retired 22 years ago that I would have all the time I needed for a change, but you know what? That just didn't happen because I was disorganized. Also, we took on a lot of extra work with church etc. So no matter how much time we thought we would have, if we aren't organized, we never get everything done. It has just been the last couple of years that we finally go organized. It isn't easy because it means that we have to have a certain time that we do almost everything. It really does work for me. Unfortunately, I do almost all of my blogging in the evening after everything else is done and that works for me.