Friday, November 1, 2013

Writer's Workshop - Confession

Hi, my name is Tima
and I'm a helicopter mum.

Now, I never set out to be one.
And for a while I denied being one,
but over the last few weeks,
I've discovered
I am one.
And I've come to accept that.

That's the first step;

The realisation began last year.
Ethan and I were walking to school.
He was carrying his school bag.
I had my bag and his swim bag.
He had swimming afterschool,
and I didn't want him to loose it.
The routine was
after school,
he'd come see me,
drop off his school bag
and fetch his swim bag.
The system worked well.
I never worried about him loosing any bags.

On this particular day,
I noticed his friend G
was walking to class with his school bag
and his swim bag.
I turned to Ethan and commented
on his friend's Independence.
"How come you're not independent like G?"
I wondered.
And then I put his swim bag away safely
and realise it's because I haven't given him the chance.
Nor did I ever give him the chance.

Being a teacher at Ethan's school
also meant I'd stop by his classroom
at least once a week.
Granted, Ethan would be at a special
or break,
and it was a social stop,
I was friends with his teacher.
That just made checking on him easier
and less hovering.
At least that's what I told myself.

Ethan starts at IST on Monday.
And I'm a nervous wreck.
This is the first time
Ethan will attend a school 
and I won't be working.
What if he gets hurt?
What if he feels sad?
What if he's having a bad day?
I won't be there.

I'm a nervous wreck!!!


Sarah said...

I'm a stay at home mom and I go through this everyday I drop my six year old at school. He also started riding the bus once in a while. Letting him ride the bus was harder than the first day of school. Stay strong and have faith.

Sue said...

He'll do great, Mama!


Mama Kat said...

I definitely have my moments of helicoptering too, it's hard to step back!