Thursday, November 7, 2013

Writer's Workshop - Wrong

Something you were wrong about.

I have spent a lot of time
thinking about this prompt.
And I mean a lot of time.
I think I finally came up with a story to share.
I do not believe I was wrong.
I was mistaken.
But not wrong!

Ethan has an iTouch.
And now that he's learning to
read and write,
he's taken full ownership of his iTouch.

He's deleted songs
he once wanted,
and apps
he had begged for.
He even created folders for all his apps
and organised them in a way
that makes sense to him.
And him only.

He even downloaded YouTube
and started 
watching videos.
But as his spelling
is still a work in progress,
I've worried about him watching something

So I took action!
I disabled the apps store on his iTouch.
This would prevent him from 
deleting anything without
first asking.
It also prevents him from adding
new apps
without my approval.

between disabling it
and syncing it yesterday,
I forgot about this.

I recently purchased a few new apps
that I thought Ethan would like.
I decided it was time to sync his iTouch
to my computer.
It's been forever since I had last done it.
As I'm doing this,
I'm noticing the new apps are not loading.
And I can't figure out why.
And then I notice it.
The app store is GONE!

Ethan, did you delete the app store?
Are you sure?
Maybe when you were moving apps around
you accidentally deleted it?
Ethan you need to be more careful!

Yes, I blamed my child
(wait - this is not a bad mommy post
let's get back to topic).
I just couldn't
for the life of me figure out
what went wrong.
Suddenly it dawned on me....
It was not a what
but a who.

I was wrong!
It wasn't Ethan that deleted it.
It was I that disabled it!

I fixed it.
And so,
this does not make me wrong,
just in error!


Kelly Smith said...

Oops. We all make mistakes and doesn't it help to show our children that even adults make mistakes? :)

Mama Kat said...

Ha! I've definitely looked at my kids when I didn't realize it was me that messed something up. Whoops!