Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Expat Problems

A few years ago,
a mate and I were chatting
about some of the funny things our kids do.
And not just funny kid things,
but funny expat things.
We noticed how there were certain things
others never understood about us
and our lives.
For example,
I buy carrots and my housekeeper will wash and chop them.
Am I spoilt?
But I prefer to think of it as 
I'm an expat.

After this conversation,
we chatted how we needed a group.
You know,
a support system.
One of those dark basements
where we share our secrets
and we all understand each other.
I use to joke that we needed an
Expat Anonymous group.

I would often share my 
Expat Anonymous stories.

And then I stopped.

Last week,
I tweeted my pet peeve:
when the gym doesn't have any towels.
It was pointed out to me
that this was a 
And I agreed.

Yesterday I tweeted I had lost my
blue eyeliner
and yes, 
I do realise it's a first world problem as well.

But then I wondered?

If it a first world problem
or an Expat problem?
If I were in Canada and lost my blue eyeliner
I could hit the mall and buy a new one.
But here?
Where on earth will I get another MAC eyeliner from?

Yes my housekeeper washes my veggies.
Yes I have a driver.
Yes I spend my mornings at the gym
and go for lunches with mates.
But I also go hours,
sometimes days with no power.
I have to hit 3 different shops
to get everything I need to make dinner.

So maybe my problems are not
first world problems.
They are Expat Problems.

ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Tima
and I'm an Expat!


Sue said...

Interesting insight! And I think you might have something there…