Friday, September 12, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been another lovely week,
filled with love, friends,
and wine.

Highlights include

Wine and yoga pants

There was a cute picture on Facebook
about yoga helping with de-stressing.
It went on to joke,
that the best way is to have a glass of wine
while wearing yoga pants.
I've got to add,
that wine and yoga pants
are a great way to relax
on a Sunday evening!


In Zambia,
Ethan use to buy me flowers every week.
It was great.
Our dining table
always had a vase of
fresh flowers.
This week,
a friend of mine gave me a bouquet.
I have flowers again!!!!

Almond Butter

I made almond butter.
Yes, me!!!
Ok, granted,
it's not that difficult.
It just takes a lot of patience,
and well,
since I tend to lack in that department,
I'm pretty chuffed!!

Sports Day

Ethan had his first Sports Day
of the school year.
The third graders
are placed in Houses.
Ethan's a Mamba.
Today's events were track and field.
Not working,
meant I got to spend the whole morning
cheering him on!


I have a fantastic trainer.
She comes 3 times a week
and makes me sweat
and feel pain.
Lately she's been on a burped kick.
since I've gotten better at them,
I don't seem to mind so much.

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Susan Anderson said...

Great update. Good for you making almond butter!