Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been another fabulous week.
I'm finally settled back home
after our extended summer vacation
and Ethan is happy at school.

This week's highlights include:

Dinner with great friends
at Salt.

Peter and Nina will be leaving Dar soon.
It's sad when friends leave.
But being able to enjoy an
awesome meal at Salt
(Katy's new restaurant)
makes saying goodbye 


Need I say more?

Birthday dinner with my boys

This year,
instead of a big birthday dinner
I spent the evening with my two favourite boys.
We had dinner at Osaka
and came home to cake.
It was perfect.

Watching Ethan at his first skateboard

I was a nervous wreck.
Terrified he'd fall and spend
the rest of the year
in a body cast.
I love how his mate,
an advanced skateboarder,
helped him
and was so patient.
And he didn't break any bones.

Ladies night

We tried a new Iranian place.
The owner brought out
a sampler for us to,

1 comment:

Susan Anderson said...

My boys were big on skateboarding. Fun stuff.

It's always hard for me when good friends move. I just don't like it!