Friday, December 5, 2014

My Dad

My dad was a little man,
with an extremely large heart.
His heart was made of gold.
He cared about everyone, 
and tried to help everyone.
He never judged.

My dad was an avid reader.
Something I inherited from him.
He instilled in me the love of books
and the power of the written word.
He was able to talk to me about any book I read as a child.
It wasn't until later I learnt,
that every night,
after having gone to sleep,
he would read the book I was reading
just so we could discuss it together.

My dad has a large family.
And family is important.
And while the four of us lived quietly in Ottawa,
vacations were spent with the family.
It was important to him
that we knew we had a support system.

My dad loved to travel.
He saw beauty wherever he went.
He was intrigued by the history and culture
of every place he visited.
He'd enthusiastically share with you
the hidden gems
and myths about every place he visited.

My dad believed my brother and I
could be anything we wanted to be.
And while we often mistook it to mean
we were a disappointment,
he always supported us in our choices.
He encouraged us to be better.
He knew we could do anything
and taught us to aim high.

My dad believed education
can get you anywhere.
I hated school
and was never any good at it.
But I am so grateful
I finally got my Masters
and got to see the shine in his eyes
when he realized
I always heard him.

My dad had a way with words.
He wasn't always able to express himself verbally,
but give him a pen and paper,
and wow!
He'd blow you away.

My dad was religious.
He believed in that God is gracious.
He believed there was a reason for everything.
I wish I had the same faith as he.

My dad was encouraging.
He saw the best in everyone
and encouraged it.
When Ethan was two,
he scribbled.
But then told my dad an elaborate story to match the scribble.
My dad went out and bought
pens, colors, paints and paper
to encourage this budding artist. 

My dad was a sensitive man.
He didn't like conflict
and tried to please everyone.
He was open-minded and tolerant.
Qualities I will teach Ethan. 

My dad was amazing.
He raised two incredibly independant kids
and had two amazing grandkids.
He will always be loved.
He will be missed.

I love you. 


Amanda said...


Tesneem Couper said...

Sending you and your family so much love.

Sarah Kocunik said...

Love and hugs.

Susan Anderson said...

Such a lovely tribute to a clearly wonderful father.

So sorry for your loss, Tima.

Sybil said...

I am so sorry for you loss Tima! Sending you and your family lots of love.