Saturday, January 17, 2015

Girlie Weekend

Back in November,
my mate, Louise,
and I 
planned a girlie trip to Jo'burg.
We planned to go before Christmas
and get some Christmas shopping done.
But then things with my dad happened
and we had to cancel our trip.

Louise decided instead of cancelling
she'd simply move our girlie trip.
Last weekend was a long weekend here.
And Louise and I set off.

We got up early,
wayyyy toooo early,
Saturday morning
and headed on our adventure.

Saturday was spent in the mall
and then the cinema.

Sunday was another day in the mall,
followed by a show.

We saw The Rocky Horror Show.
It was fabulous.
I had seen the film
a long, long time ago.
Seeing it live
is so much better.
While the film has always been interactive
the live performance takes it one step further.
Not only do you get to purchase
a box of props,
but the actors also interact with the audience.

I laughed so hard
my cheeks hurt.
And I got to see the silly side
of Louise.

Sometimes you just need to be silly. 

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