Saturday, November 28, 2015


My dad had a way with words. He wrote beautifully. I use to think I took after him. Now I think my brother inherited that. Last year, my brother wrote this. I love it. And it took me a long time to find it on Facebook, so, without his permission, I'm sharing it here, so I can always find it.

You are my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. No matter what I did, you always told me you loved me. You always made sure I knew you were proud of me, and that meant the world to me. I miss you dad.
I've done so many things you never imagined your child would do, good and bad....ya mostly bad...but you've always been there.
I got a job working bar at 18 and told you this is what I wanted to do with my life, and you loved me, even when others wondered what was wrong with me, you gave me the love, freedom and support to live my life.
I'm covered in tattoos, and while you tell the world you can't stand them, you always ask about what new ones I have and what they mean.
I told you I was going to school to drink wine, lol, you told me to have fun and always asked how it was going. You always encouraged me.
I'm so sorry it took me so long to understand you, but dad, I do. I get it now, have for awhile. It's not about me, just like it was never about you. It's about those that are important around you. It's about your wife, your kids, your family. It's about making things better for them. That's what you were about, that's who you are.
I've learned so much from watching you dad. We are from different worlds, different generations, but we are the same, for once, take some credit, you did it! Give yourself a good pat on the back dad. Your daughter and your son are strong, and your grandkids will be strong. More importantly they will be raised with same love, respect, support and understanding you showed us.
I'm hurting right now dad, but my family has a new angel watching over us, and that brings the biggest smile to my face.
I promise you dad, I will do my best to be as great as you were. I will give it my best, just as you always asked I did. I love you, I miss you. I know you miss us too, but you can now see your parents, and I know how much that will make you smile.
Oh dad...I am so lucky to have had you for a father. I wouldn't be who I am without. Thank you. I know I always told you I loved you, and even when I didn't I know you knew it. But I never said thank you.
Thank you for always being there. Thank you for the words of wisdom, thank you for knowing when not to say something, thank you for the guidance, thank you for showing me how it supposed to be and thank you for showing me what is real.
I'm smiling dad, and you made me this way. I love you.