Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blood Vengeance - Tessa Dawn

The Blood Curse series is definitely one of my least known favourites. It's got everything any vampire fan would want. Vampires, bad-asses, fights, and, in most cases HEA.

Blood Vengeance does not disappoint. This is Ramsey Olaru's story. He's the big, brutal Sentinel who fights with a pitchfork Trident! He learns that Tiffany Matthews, the queen's bestie, is his destiny. Tiffany is no stranger to the world of vampires, and is not thrilled with the idea of being someone, yet along some beast's, destiny.

There are many series out there, that you get to book seven, and there are no more surprises. While you still love the characters and storylines, part of you thinks I could write this. Not here. Tessa Dawn has thrown in all kinds of surprises, you never expected.

In Blood Vengeance we learn a little more about the history of the House of Jadon and how they survived the initial curse. We see a softer, humorous side to Ramsey. We see the tight bond of friendship, between not just Brooke and Tiffany, but the men brothers of the House of Jadon. Now, no destiny can occur without it's struggles, but the obstacle here is one you would not expect. One you never knew could happen. The Dark Ones will do anything, anything to get ride of the Light Ones. But, will they win this time?